What could be questions for friends

Generally, spring and summer months are the most suitable for meeting friends.During this period you can spend hours walking the streets without fear of freezing, and ride to the country, to eat barbecue.Similar walks in any case should not be dull and boring.People are going to a meeting with his friends in the first place to have fun and get to know all the news and rumors.It should be noted that for such conduct should be a little bit of free time to prepare.This means that someone from the company you just need to think in advance about the topics of conversation at the upcoming meeting.For example, you can prepare interesting questions for friends, the answers to which are still unknown.But this process is quite difficult, because good friends know each other practically everything.Despair in this case it is not necessary, becausea person always has such interesting information, which he did not dare to tell even his closest friends.

guys in the company may ask each other about which of the girls

at their faculties are free and attractive.You can also get information about what are these the fairer sex, and whether it is necessary to meet them.Questions for friends may imply a request or advice.For example, a guy could ask for his good friend that he brought to a photo of a beautiful girl (and gave her phone).In addition, a true friend must give to his advice about building a love relationship with this or that person.

most important in the company - it's fun.It can be fun to create questions for friends who relate to childhood.For example, you can ask your friends about what letters they are not reprimanded as a child, and what words they said wrong and ridiculous.Such good memories anyway cheer friendly company.You can also ask questions about the nicknames and nicknames that were with friends until you've met.

Tastes in food and clothing preferences of close friends certainly know.But many of their families almost nothing to tell.But what matters for friends will relate to the family, it is no big deal, because close friends do not have anything to be shy and hide something.In this case, you can ask about the family, the number of children, divorce, etc.

If the company has a girl who is in love with one of the guys, and who wants to talk about their feelings, she, above all, need to think carefully about what a question to ask a friend.In this situation, you must be extremely careful, because the incorrect or inaccurate information, clarification can offend liked the man.To scout out the situation, you can start with the question of whether there is a guy liking to any lady.If not, the next thing to ask is about the qualities that he considers the principal and which, according to him, must have a real girl.You should not ask your friend questions about his appearance.It only alienate Man.If he is friends with a girl, which means that it is quite happy with her body, the shape of the nose and eye shape.Questions about ex-lovers in this case are irrelevant.On the one hand, this in principle, there is nothing terrible, but on the other hand, if the relationship was painful and difficult parting, then such talk will contribute to spiritual experiences and other unpleasant emotions.

worth noting that with the topics of conversation in the company need to be careful, becausethere are issues that may cause a person pain.To this was not, you should always first think, and then only to say the questions aloud.Questions for friends in any case they should not be humiliated, insulted and put in an awkward position.