Amazonia (stone): properties, characteristics.

Amazonite is a mineral silicate blue-green variety of microcline is the rock, which means the structure of amazonite - stone.What are the properties he may be unusual?Try to understand.

Amazon stone is a type of feldspar, different hardness, glass pearlescent, often called "green honesty", as the latter can be silky to the touch.Color may be different.The most common is the green-apple, the stone is sometimes turquoise, sometimes his tone bordered gray-yellow.Painting stone often heterogeneous.

Amazon stone is popular with the female population because of its color.However, the intrigue is not only for women, but scientists around the world who have more than 200 years can not solve the riddle of the color of the stone, as the Amazon.Stone, whose properties have made it popular in society, basically has a gray-blue color, was previously thought to be due to an admixture of copper, however, in a careful study, it was found: the color is caused by completely different elements, such as iron, rubidi

um, lead.Thus, the color of the stone referred to as defect-impurity.It should be noted that despite all efforts, the type and quantity of impurities is still not established.Despite their "impurity", the stone is popular because it is made many wonderful things: from jewelry and jewelry inserts to luxury carved boxes, vases, table tops.

Amazonit- is one big mystery, not only in its structure, but also the origin of its name.

first version is that the name comes from the Amazon River in South America, however, to confirm the legend fields there was never found.And besides, America was discovered much later than the stone used by people.For example, during excavations in Egypt, in the tomb of Tutankhamun were discovered ritual amulets and necklaces, rings and earrings, made of amazonite in a silver frame.The Egyptians also used the stone to decorate the tombs in the form of an exquisite mosaic.As you can see, from ancient times this stone was considered a noble revered gem.

According to another version the name of the stone comes from the legendary Amazons, as the stone was first discovered during the excavations of Scythian burial mounds, where the Amazons lived on giving.According to legend, going to battle, women loved to adorn themselves with green stones, because it is believed that amazonite - a stone of balance and beauty.Decorated stone belt Amazons and gave them courage, strength to win, endowed with wisdom to make good decisions.

Amazonia magical and medicinal properties amazonite

all know that every stone bears in itself some definite energy.Many fortune tellers, sorcerers, masters and specialists of esoteric knowledge is well-known stone amazonite and its properties.

first unusual property

Esoteric argue that the magic power of the stone helps to improve relations in the family.Amazonite strengthens family bonds, assists in the home, gives women the spiritual wisdom, responsibility.Stone advised as a talisman to put in a house foundation under construction.Here is such a green mascot for "housewives".

second unusual property

Green color is considered strengthening the mind, harmonizing, relieves anxiety and uncertainty.Thus, thanks to its colors, amazonite - stone, the properties of which will include giving courage, dedication and, most importantly, a good mood.This stone is very useful for mild mental disorders, stress.

third unusual property

stone amazonite, magical properties are multifaceted, can attract to its owner cash flow.Just to get this talisman is how your life will begin to receive money, and they are strange, you might say, will magically attracted.

According to ancient belief, amazonite - stone whose properties are almost limitless, he is able to return the youth to improve overall health, skin health, hair and teeth.This mascot will help in virtually all areas of life.

Baia stone.Properties.Treatment

Many ancient peoples believed that amazonite has healing properties, such as:

- calming the central nervous system;

- strengthening of the heart;

- improvement in mood;

- reduction of anxiety;

- increases self-confidence;

- treat epilepsy;

- helps with liver dysfunction;

- arthritis;

- rheumatism.

Baia stone properties which, combined with jade enhanced, the healing power increases by several times.

Leto therapists claim that the stone sends signals to certain treatment throughout the body, bringing body and soul healing.Amazonite increasingly useful in the treatment of nerve and cardiac diseases.Massage with this stone is able to eliminate varicose veins, to solve problems with blood vessels, excess weight.Useful piece of stone massage the problem area of ​​the body.The pain goes away, but after a while, maybe even complete healing.


artistic nature often resort to amazonite, as it is a stone of inspiration activates the romantic tendencies in human life.Stone attracts creative people to each other, which allows to acquire useful connections in high places.It is also believed that it could be connected with the other world, it is a kind of conduit between the worlds.Stone is not only suitable for people to nothing aspirants who do not clearly set goals in life and do not want to reach them, as amazonite in these figures further enhances the natural laziness and apathy towards life.Working capacity of the citizens it will bring victory, and even mystical revelation.


Amazonite is a stone-mascot of people born under the sign of Taurus (Earth - Moon).After agate is the most powerful talisman for them, the ability to attract fun and money.

This stone is also suitable Aquarius, Cancer and some other signs.Wearing such a talisman can be constantly and almost everyone it does not require getting used to, is universal.However, there are restrictions, such as amazonite is contraindicated in Scorpio, because he is the opposite of Taurus.

In the face of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius stone is true owner, protects them in all spheres of life, help to get out of difficult situations, help attract subtle worlds, gives a glimpse into the depths of his soul, to know yourself, and see the power of the heart.Stone is able to discover the face of this, the possibility of the future.

Amazonite in Ayurveda

According to this doctrine, the stone is associated with Vishuddha chakra, namely the organs of speech, the thyroid gland, bronchitis.The magical rites used it during the installation of altars.Energy stone - yin.

use of stone in modern

amazonite often make cheap jewelry: necklaces, rings, cuff links, jewelry boxes.Stone well with the white metals, such as silver.Most products from amazonite sell at shows, one of the most popular today is the exhibition "In the world of rock."

deposits mysterious and magical amazonite are in Mozambique, Madagascar, the United States, Russia, where the stone is mined in the Kola Peninsula and the Urals.