What is the print list?

hard to imagine what could be the humanity, if not invented paper and printing process.On paper, published works of art, printed scientific works published interesting news.However, despite all the amazing variety of books, newspapers and magazines, it is easy to notice that there are not so many different size formats of various publications.How can we measure the size of a sheet of a particular format?The basis for the consideration of this issue is a printed sheet.

Here we try an unbiased look at the situation through the eyes of an ordinary person.Which paper formats in real life he sees around him?Briefly list them.This is a standard sheet of typing paper, sheets of newspapers in several different ways, several different sizes of books.How to bring this diversity to one basis?If we take as a basis for a standard sheet of paper, while others express sizes of paper on the basis of it?But here comes to the aid of a traditional solution to this problem.Historically, that as a base the size of selecte

d press sheet size of sixty centimeters ninety centimeters, called "conditionally printed sheet."Usually, books, newspapers and magazines measure their size in relation to it.The standard of the recording sheet is considered to filled text from one side.This notion must be distinguished from the concept of "physical printed sheet", which means a real recording sheet publication.

Thus, the amount of any publication, such as books, newspapers or magazines can be assessed in relation to the conventional printed sheets.Pobrobuem show this with an example.Suppose we are talking about the book, the format of which is 70cm x 100cm / 16, which has 192 pages.In order to calculate the volume of the book, it is necessary to carry out the following calculations.Conventionally, the recording sheet has an area of ​​60x90 = 5400 square centimeters, physical printed sheet - 70 cm x 100 cm = 7000 square centimeters.The conversion factor is 7000/5400 = 1.29.The final calculation is as follows: (192/16) x1,29 = 15,48.So, in our case, we can say that the volume of the book in question is 15.48 conditional printed sheets.Thus, taken to indicate the volume of the printed edition.

To complete the picture in this regard it should be noted that the two more common standard type of a printed sheet.It is the author's quire and publishing accounting sheet.The first one has a few ways to measure (40,000 printed characters with spaces or 700 lines of poetic text or standard typed pages 22-23) and is designed to measure the volume of the author's work provided for printing.The second covers the same size as the author printed sheet, but its volume is not included promotional material present in this edition.

Quire, as it turns out, can be of different types, which are useful to understand.This concept plays an important role in publishing activities.It allows you to really appreciate the amount of work performed during a printing edition.