The restaurant's menu - what to consider when compiling?

Restaurants gaining popularity.And it is not surprising: there will always be people, standing at home plate increasingly prefer full service.However, as a beginning entrepreneur to make the menu of the restaurant to his institution attracts more visitors?Unless, of course, the power plant is not created on the principles of the franchise, the preparation of the business plan and the development of food all depends on the creative possibilities of the entrepreneur.

to restaurant menu was written professionally, creatively, and it was clear to the customer, the restaurateur is necessary to understand in the following areas: marketing, management, labor, product knowledge, aesthetics and design.The first thing, of course, is to analyze the competitors and places to try to understand their strengths and weaknesses.Without marketing research, which may also include the analysis of the menu of the restaurant competition, it will be difficult to manage.Try to creatively recycle learned about your business r

ivals and potential partners.

about the latest and worth thinking about in advance.After all the dishes that will be presented in your restaurant menu should be available within a maximum of 30 minutes.Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the presence of the right amount of fresh products and their availability.This is an extremely important point.After all, if in the refined restaurant menu will be exotic products, then they should be unquestionable freshness.No negative advertising worse than food poisoning, even a single visitor.It is therefore not recommended to be included in the menu of the restaurant the dishes in the availability of products for which there is no certainty.So what about the reliability of the supplier is necessary to take care of long before the discovery.

Of course, much will depend on the chef and his skills.However, excessive diversity and heterogeneity of food can play a cruel joke.It is better to stay at a leading tradition, and all add-ons to think in the same way.For example, the restaurant's menu of Russian cuisine is unthinkable without sauerkraut, pickles, cakes and pies, borsch, okroshka.However, to add to it, for example, tiramisu or carpaccio would be inappropriate.It would be better if you and snacks, and dessert at the restaurant menu will correspond to the main idea.If you elect a different national cuisine, or bet on the international, there is also important to comply with the measure.Much will depend on the availability of specific products it is in your area.

The map foods is desirable to comply with the standard classification.Cold appetizers, hot soups, main dishes (meat, fish, game, poultry), desserts - are the main components of each menu.Of course, you can add and "dish of the day" and "Chef recommends" but once thought to be the main content.

As for aesthetics, the design of the restaurant's menu is inextricably linked with the overall concept.Sometimes it takes the form of a book in a beautiful wooden or leather cover.Other institutions prefer laminated sheets of A3 or A4 (the first can serve as a backing plate).But the general idea is to be traced.If you are a Russian cuisine, choose appropriate fonts will look appropriate letter (embroidered caps).Preferred colors - in the spirit of khokhloma (black, red, gold, green) or Gzheli (white, blue, light blue), if the institution is expected in folk style with wooden benches, stove.