Hot Spots.

Today, it may seem that all the terrible war remained in the distant past.But this is not so.Despite the fact that, according to research in the XXI century as a result of military action killed far fewer people than in the past centuries, in different regions of the world flash hotspots.Armed conflicts, military crises - perhaps, mankind will never lay down their arms.

hot spots - it's like the old wounds that still can not heal.For a while conflicts are fading, but then again and again break out, bringing pain and suffering to mankind.The International Crisis Group called the regions of hot spots on the planet that now threaten the world.

Iraq conflict occurred between the "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (LIH) and government forces, as well as other religious and ethnic groups of the country.So, the terrorists have declared igil that are going to create on the territory of Syria and Iraq an Islamic state - a caliphate.Of course, the current government has opposed.

However, at the moment

to confront the militants can not.Hot military point of breaking out across the country, and the caliphate LIH expanding its borders.Today it is a vast territory from the borders of Baghdad to the Syrian city of Aleppo.The troops of the current government could exempt from the terrorists only two major cities - Udzha and Tikrit.

difficult situation the country took the autonomy of Iraqi Kurdistan.During offensive operations LIH Kurds seized power on several major areas of oil production.And today they have declared to hold a referendum and secession from Iraq.

Gaza Strip The Gaza Strip is on the list of hot spots for a long time.Conflict between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas flared up again and again over the decades.The main reason - the unwillingness of the parties to listen to each other's arguments.

Since Israel launched a military operation to destroy the infrastructure of underground tunnels and warehouses with stocks of Palestinian weapons in order to deprive terrorists attacking Israeli territory.Hamas also demands to remove the economic blockade of the Gaza Strip and release the prisoners.

immediate cause of the fighting that is now deployed in the Gaza Strip, was the death of three Israeli teenagers, and in response to it - the murder of Palestinians.And July 17, 2014 beginning of the next military action: drove tanks, missiles flew.

Several times during this time, the parties were going to call a truce, but all attempts to negotiate nor to no avail.As before exploding shells, killing people, and journalists in conflict zones make such pictures, which look terrible ...


military conflict in Syria broke out after the government severely suppressed opposition demonstrations that broke out under the auspices of the "Arab Spring."Clashes government army under the command of Assad and Syrian coalition forces led to a true war.It affected almost the entire country: approximately 1,500 groups ("Al-Nusra Front", LIH, etc.) connected to the military action, more than 100 thousand people took up arms.The most powerful and dangerous steel radical Islamists.

Hot spots are scattered across the country today.After all, Syria is under the control of a wide variety of terrorist gangs.Most of the country today is controlled by government troops.North State completely captured fighters LIH.While in some places the Kurds still trying to recapture territory.Not far from the capital, insurgents stepped up an organized group called the "Islamic Front".And in the city of Aleppo are skirmishes between the military forces of Assad and moderate opposition.

South Sudan

The country is divided into two opposing tribal alliances - Nuer and Dinka.Nuer are the predominant population of the state, it also refers to the current president.Dinky - the second largest among the peoples of Southern Sudan.

The conflict erupted after Sudanese President announced to the public that his assistant, vice-president, was trying to provoke a coup in the country.Immediately after his speech in the country started the riots, protests and numerous arrests.The total devastation and disorganization developed into a real military conflict.

Today oil-producing areas of the country - hotspots.They are under the authority of the rebels led by disgraced vice president.This has a negative impact on the economic component of the Sudan.Heavily damaged and the civilian population of the country: more than ten thousand victims, about seven hundred thousand were forced to become refugees.To somehow resolve the conflict, the UN has sent to southern Sudan its peacekeeping contingent, which was to serve as protection for the civilian population.

the spring of 2014, militant unions to try to reach any compromise.However, the rebel leader has openly admitted that he had long lost control of the rebels.In addition, the peace talks have prevented the troops from Uganda, took the side of the President of Sudan.


In the country since 2002, operates a terrorist Islamic organization called "Boko Haram".The main aim that they pursue - is to establish throughout Nigeria's Sharia law.However, both the authorities and the majority of citizens against the "proposal", as the majority of Muslims in the country do not make.

Since its founding group has expanded its influence, well armed and began openly to kill Christians and Muslims who are loyal to them are set.Terrorists commit terrorist acts every day and public executions of people.In addition, they periodically take hostages.In April 2014, the Islamists in captivity were more than two hundred schoolgirls.They hold them for ransom, as well as prostitution and sale into slavery.

The government has repeatedly tried to negotiate with the terrorists, but no negotiations failed.Today, entire regions of the country are under the control of groups.And the authorities are unable to cope with the situation.The President of Nigeria has requested financial assistance from the international community in order to improve the combat capability of the army of the country at the moment losing extremists.

Sahel region

crisis began in 2012, when due to the military operations taking place in Libya, to the territory of Mali Tuareg massively flooded.In the northern part of the country they formed a state called Azawad.However, less than a year in the breakaway Power struck a military coup.Taking advantage of the situation, France sent troops into the territory of Mali - to help fight the Tuareg and radicalized Islamists who control the area.In general, today the Sahel has become a bulwark of the slave trade, drug trafficking, weapons sales and prostitution.

military infighting eventually led to massive starvation.According to the UN, more than eleven million people in the region are sitting without food, and if the situation can not be resolved by the end of 2014 this figure will increase to seven million.However, no changes for the better is in sight: the entire territory of Mali in full swing hostilities between the government, the French, the Tuareg and terrorists.This is despite the fact that the state is no longer Azawad.

Mexico In Mexico, more than a dozen years passed constant confrontation between local drug cartels.Authorities were never touched, as were completely corrupt.And it was not a secret for anyone.However, when in 2006, President Felipe Calderon chose, everything changed.The new head of the country once and for all decided to change the existing situation and sent the army into one of the states to deal with crime and restore law and order.Nothing good is not led.The opposition government soldiers and bandits to end the war, which in the end turned out to be the whole country.

In the eight years since the conflict began, the drug cartels have gained strength, power and greatly expanded its borders.If they had fought among themselves for the quantity and quality of narkoproduktsii, today they are arguing for highways, ports and coastal towns.Under the control of the Mafia markets were weapons, prostitution, counterfeiting.Government forces clearly losing this fight.And the reason for that - corruption.It comes to the fact that many military move on to the side of the drug cartels.In some regions, local people also came out against the Mafia: they organized militias.These people want to show that absolutely do not trust neither the authorities nor the local police.

Hot Spots Central Asia

creates tension in the region of Afghanistan, the war that does not subside for many decades, as well as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, who got involved in territorial disputes with each other.Another reason for permanent conflicts in the region - the main drug trafficking in the Eastern Hemisphere.Because he is constantly faced by local criminal groups.

It seemed that after the Americans removed their military from Afghanistan, the country has finally come of mind.But it lasted long.After the election, the president appeared dissatisfied with the mass, which refused to recognize the vote as legitimate.Taking advantage of the situation in the country, a terrorist organization, "the Taliban" began to capture the capital of Afghanistan.

winter of 2014 Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan became involved in territorial disputes, accompanied by military action in the border areas.Tajikistan said that Kyrgyzstan had violated the existing borders.In turn, the Kyrgyz government has accused them in the same.Since the collapse of the Soviet Union between the two countries occasionally have conflicts over the boundaries of the existing designations, and clearly this section or not.The dispute broke and Uzbekistan already presenting their claims.The issue is the same: the authorities do not agree with the boundaries, which were formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union.States have often tried to somehow resolve the situation, but to an agreement and the specific solution of the question did not come.At the moment, the atmosphere in the region is extremely tense and at any moment could lead to military action.

China and the countries of the region

Today Paracel Islands - is the hot spots of the planet.Start of conflict to the fact that the Chinese have suspended the development of oil wells near the archipelago.It is not like Vietnam and the Philippines, which are transported to Hanoi troops.To show the Chinese attitude to the situation, the military of both countries played a significant football game on the territory of the Spratly archipelago.In this way they angered Beijing: near the disputed islands Chinese warships appeared.No fighting while from Beijing was not.However, Viet Nam contends that warships with the Chinese flag has sunk more than one fishing vessel.Recriminations and accusations may at any time cause the flight of the rocket.

Hotspots Ukraine

crisis in Ukraine began in November of 2013.After the Crimean peninsula in March moved into the Russian Federation, he was strong.Unhappy with the situation in the country formed a pro-Russian activists in Eastern Ukraine Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic.The government, led by the new president of Poroshenko, sent an army against separatists.The fighting took place on the territory of Donbass (Map hotspots below).

the summer of 2014 over the territory of Donbass, controlled by separatists, crashed ship from Malaysia.Killed 298 people.Ukrainian government declared guilty in this tragedy militants DNI and LC, as well as the Russian side allegedly supplying weapons to the rebels, and air defense systems, by which was hit by a liner.However, the DNI and LC refused involvement in disaster.Russia also said it has no relation to the conflict in Ukraine, and the death of the liner.

September 5 Minsk signed a ceasefire agreement, which resulted in intense fighting in the country ceased.However, in some areas (for example, the airport in Donetsk) shootings and explosions are still going on.


Russia Today on the territory of the Russian Federation military operations are not conducted, and no hot spots.However, since the collapse of the Soviet Union on the territory of our country have repeatedly flared conflicts.So, the hottest point of the decade Russia - this is certainly Chechnya, the North Caucasus and South Ossetia.

Until 2009, Chechnya was fighting a permanent place: first the first Chechen war (1994 to 1996), then the second Chechen war (1999 to 2009).In August 2008 there was a Georgian-Ossetian conflict, which was also attended by Russian troops.The fighting began on August 8, and five days later resulted in the signing of a peace treaty.

Today the Russian soldiers there are two ways to get to the hot spots: the army and the service contract.According to amendments made to the provisions governing the military service, conscripts can be dispatched to trouble spots after four months of training (before the term was six months).

under contract in the hotspot can be accessed by signing a corresponding agreement with the country.This contract is made only on a voluntary basis and for a specific term, which shall serve the citizen.Service contract attracts many because this can make a lot of money.Amounts vary according to regions.For example, in Kosovo pay from 36 thousand a month, and in Tajikistan - significantly less.Big money can be earned for the risk in Chechnya.

Before you sign a contract, volunteers must go through a rigorous selection, starting with computer-based testing on the site of the Ministry of Defense and ending with a full examination of health, psyche, verification of personal data, and law-abiding loyalty.