Voltage stabilizer: circuit design and function

in any network voltage is not stable and is constantly changing.It depends primarily on the energy consumption.Therefore, connect the device into the socket, you can greatly reduce the stress on the network.The average deviation is 10%.Many devices that are powered by electricity, designed for small changes.However, large variations lead to overloading of transformers.

How is stabilizer?

main element of the stabilizer is considered to be a transformer.Through variable circuit it is connected to the diodes.In some systems, they have more than five units.As a result, they form a bridge in the stabilizer.For diodes is a transistor, which was set by the controller.Additionally, the stabilizers are capacitors.Turning off the automation is carried out using the mechanism of the closure.

Removes noise

Working principle of stabilizers built on the method of feedback.In the first step the voltage is applied to the transformer.If it exceeds the limit value of the norm, the operation enters the diode.He

connected directly to the transistor circuit.If we consider a system of alternating current, the voltage is further filtered.In this case takes the role of a condenser transducer.

After the current pass resistor, it returns to the transformer.As a result, the nominal value of the load varies.For the sustainability of the network has automatic.Thanks to the capacitors do not overheat in the collector circuit.The output AC current passes through the coil via another filter.Eventually, the voltage is rectified.

Features Network stabilizers

schematic diagram of the voltage regulator of this type is a set of transistors and diodes.In turn, the mechanism of closure it offline.Regulators thus are of conventional type.Some models additionally installed display system.

It can show the power surges in the network.According to sensitivity of the model is quite different.Condensers typically has compensation circuit type.System protection they lack.

Devices models

regulator for refrigeration equipment demand is adjustable voltage regulator.Driving it means the ability to configure the device before use.In this case, it helps in eliminating high frequency noise.In turn, the electromagnetic field problem for the resistors is not.

capacitors are also included in the regulated voltage.The scheme is not without its transistor bridges, which are interconnected by the collector chain.Directly regulators can be mounted in different versions.Much depends, in this case from the voltage limit.Additionally, consider the type of transformer, which is available in the stabilizer.

stabilizers "Resanta"

Driving voltage stabilizer "Resanta" is a collection of transistors that interact with each other on the collector.For the cooling system with a fan.With high-frequency overloads the system handles the compensation capacitor type.

also circuit voltage regulator "Resanta" includes a diode bridge.Regulators in many models established routine.Restrictions on the load in stabilizers "Resanta" is.In general, the interference perceived by them all.The disadvantages include high noise transformers.

circuit model 220 V

voltage regulator circuit 220 is different from other devices in that it has a control unit.This element is connected directly to the controller.Just behind the filtration system has a diode bridge.For further stabilization of the oscillation circuit of the transistors is provided.The output coil is located after the condenser.

with an overload in the system copes transformer.The transformation of the current carried them away.In general, the range of power in these devices is quite high.These stabilizers are able to work and sub-zero temperatures.By noise, they do not differ from other types of models.Parameter sensitivity strongly depends on the producer.Also, it affects the type of controller installed.

The principle of switching regulators

electric circuit voltage regulator of this type is similar to the analog model of the relay.However, differences in the system is still there.The main element in the chain is considered to be the modulator.Engaged in the device that reads the voltage indicators.The signal is then transferred to one of the transformers.There goes the full processing of the information.

To change the current has two converters.However, in some models, it is set to one.To cope with the electromagnetic field is operated rectifier divider.When the voltage rises, he lowers the marginal rate.To entered the current winding, diodes transmit a signal to the transistors.The output stabilized voltage passes through the secondary winding.

HF model stabilizers

Compared with relay models, high voltage (scheme shown below) is more complicated, and it is activated diodes greater than two.A distinctive feature of the devices of this type is considered to be high power.

Transformers chain designed for heavy interference.As a result, these devices are capable of protecting any appliances in the house.The filtration system they set up for different races.By monitoring the voltage value of the current can be varied.Outside the limit frequency will be increased at the same time at the input and output decrease.Conversion of current in this circuit is implemented in two stages.

initially activated transistor with a filter at the inlet.The second stage includes a diode bridge.In order to transform the current process is over, the system requires an amplifier.It is set usually between resistors.Thus, the temperature in the unit is maintained at a proper level.Additionally, the system takes into account the power supply.Use of the relay depends on its operation.

stabilizers 15

For devices with 15V AC voltage is used, the scheme which by its structure is quite simple.The sensitivity threshold for devices located on a small level.Models display system is very difficult to meet.The filters are not needed, since minor fluctuations in the chain.

Resistors in many models only have outlet.Due to this conversion process takes place fairly quickly.The input amplifiers are set very simple.Much depends, in this case from the manufacturer.Used voltage (scheme shown below) of this type are most often in the laboratory.

Features models 5

For devices with 5V use a special voltage network.The circuit consists of resistors is usually no more than two.Apply these stabilizers only for the normal functioning of instrumentation.In general, they are quite compact, and quiet operation.

series models SVK

models in this series are stabilizers Laterna type.Most often they are used in the production in order to reduce shocks from the network.Wiring the voltage regulator of this model provides for the four transistors, which are arranged in pairs.Due to this current minimal overcomes the resistance in the circuit.The output of the system has a winding for the reverse effect.Filters in the scheme are two.

Due to lack of capacitor conversion process also occurs faster.The disadvantages include higher sensitivity.On the electromagnetic field device responds very badly.Wiring the voltage regulator controller SVK Series provides both the system and display.Maximum voltage device is perceived to 240, and the deviation in this case may not exceed 10%.

Automatic stabilizers "Liga 220"

for alarm systems is in demand from "The League" voltage of 220V.Driving it is built on the thyristors.These elements can be used exclusively in semiconductor circuits.To date, type thyristors there quite a lot.According to the degree of protection they are divided into static and dynamic.The first type is used with different sources of electrical power.In turn, dynamic thyristors have their limit.

If we talk about the company's "Liga" voltage (diagram shown below), then it has an active element.To a large extent it is designed for the normal functioning of the regulator.He represents a set of contacts, which are able to communicate.It is necessary to increase or decrease the frequency limit in the system.In other models of thyristors can be several.They are installed with each other using cathodes.As a result, the efficiency of the device can be significantly improved.

Low-frequency devices

For service device with a frequency below 30 Hz there is a voltage of 220V.The scheme is similar to his schemes relay models except for the transistors.In this case, they are available to the emitter.Sometimes, further establishes a special controller.Much depends on the manufacturer and model.The controller in the regulator needs to transmit a signal to the control unit.

To link was quality, manufacturers use an amplifier.It is installed, usually at the entrance.The output of the system there is usually winding.If we talk about the limit voltage of 220 V, the capacitors can be found two.Current transfer ratio of such devices is quite low.The reason for this is considered to be a low limit frequency, which is a consequence of the controller.However, the coefficient of saturation is at high level.In many respects it is connected with transistors that are installed with the emitters.

Why ferroresonance model?

Ferroresonant voltage stabilizers (scheme shown below) are used in various industrial facilities.The threshold of sensitivity they have a fairly high due to the powerful power supply units.Transistors mainly installed in pairs.The number of capacitors depends on the manufacturer.In this case, it will affect the final threshold.To stabilize the voltage the thyristors are not used.

In this situation, the task is able to handle the manifold.The gain from them is very high due to the direct transmission of the signal.If we talk about the current-voltage characteristics, the resistance in the circuit is kept at 5 MPa.In this case, it has a positive effect on the frequency limit of the stabilizer.At the output of the differential resistance does not exceed 3 MPa.From high-voltage transistors in the rescue.Thus, over-current can be avoided in most cases.

stabilizers Laterna type

scheme at stabilizing Laterna type is characterized by increased efficiency.Input voltage in this case is an average of 4 MPa.In this case, large amplitude ripple is maintained.In turn, the output voltage is equal to 4 MPa.Resistors are installed in many models of the series "MR".

current control circuit takes place continuously and thereby manage to lower the limit frequency of 40 Hz up to the mark.Dividers amplifiers of this type are working together with resistors.As a result, all the functional units are interconnected.Dc amplifier is normally installed after the condenser to the coil.