How to cut your beard?

In today's world, beard and mustache - it's not just the vegetation on the face, it is an element of appearance, giving personality characteristic, a work of art.Grow them is not so difficult, but to make attractive and well-maintained, it requires a lot of effort.How to cut your beard beautifully that she liked you and others?To do this, you need to take a few basic steps.

growing a hair

Well, if his beard is already available, and you just need to fix its shape.But what if all you have to start "from scratch"?To do this, stock up on a high degree of patience.After the cessation of shaving of facial hair as they grow may appear discomfort, including itching.Because different parts of the facial hair grows unevenly, you have to accept the fact that the rough grow a beard does not add to the attractiveness of its owner.

growing a hair should continue until the required length is reached.Up to this point it is better not to form a beard adjusted.As a rule, for the year it could grow to 13-15 cm. Mo

st men beard is up to two centimeters.In this case it is necessary to trim the neck to create a well-groomed appearance.

What kinds of beards are

Today, the most popular are the following options beards:

1. «Goat" - cut out so that the hair extensions were only at the end of his chin.

2. Goatee - is expected to remain as the beard and mustache.It cuts out so that the hair line goes over the upper lip and smoothly into asymmetrical oval which extends to the chin.

3. «Franz Joseph" - a strip of hair from ear down and, before reaching the chin, smoothly into the mustache.

4. Skipper - a narrow strip of hair extends from ear to ear and captures only the lower part of the chin, forming a horseshoe.

5. Anchor - on the lip are little mustache, chin is thin vertical strip of hair widening to the bottom like an anchor.

6. Box - classic, beard trimmed neatly and evenly covers the whole chin merges with the mustache.

How to choose the right shape?

When there is a question about how to trim a beard, then you first need to decide on its form.Not the fact that the type who liked the approach under the shape of the face.It must be remembered that the beard can brighten and even hide any flaws, but can also degrade the appearance.

with an oval face shape harmoniously looks virtually any beard.A person can visually elongated expanded with sideburns and circular beard, horseshoes.But the "goatee" beard or goatee more Sause face.

How to cut your beard owners face a round shape?It is appropriate trapezoid beard from ear to ear, or "goat" beard and sideburns that's best forgotten.

Face-delta markedly changed due to the square-shaped beard or slightly rounded "horseshoe."It should be taken into account and hair color.As a rule, the blond is almost any type of beard and dark hair that's better to give preference to compact beard.

in trendy salons and hairdressers can use this service as a computer simulation.At the same time your photo is loaded into a special computer program and stylist selects the appropriate form for your beard.It's quite convenient as you can in advance to figure out how to trim a beard, and see the approximate final result.But what if there is no time or opportunity to appeal to the professional master?In this case, you will have to do everything myself.

How to trim a beard on their own?

In order to make a beautiful beard at home, you will need:

- mirror;

- shaving cream (in the case of very sensitive skin or hard hair);

- comb with thick teeth;

- scissors;

- machine with nozzles trimmer for trimming beards.

Beard - a kind masterpiece that highlights the individuality of the owner, so it is quite important to determine the style.Look at his colleague - what his beard, photos of various embodiments can peek in magazines.Think about whether you fit this style.Look in the mirror, examine his beard on all sides.Before embarking on a hairstyle, make sure you carefully thought through all the details.To draw a picture in your mind - then you can proceed to the next step.

haircut beard

on areas of the face and neck, which are supposed to clear the vegetation, it is necessary to put shaving foam, followed by gently remove excess hair with a razor according to the model you want.When this task is completed, the chin carefully washed from the remnants of the cream and dried with a towel.

How to trim a beard, if it requires a considerable shortening?It is better to use scissors.Pre-need to moisten the hair with water, but so that they are only slightly damp, and comb their comb - it will facilitate the process ostriganiya.

How beautiful trim beard trimmer

Now it's time to take advantage of machine-trimmer.Beard must be thoroughly dry, and comb through to the machine is not shorn of excess.Movement should be smooth, without interruption.Starting from the need to cut the ear, gradually moving to the chin, and then climb back.So you can gradually achieve the desired shape.

Newcomers better to use a nozzle that is the minimum cut hair because without a proper experience, you can cut off the excess.When this process is over, you need a beard again, rinse, dry and comb, then carefully examine the result in the mirror.If found some hairs that do not fit into the big picture, then you can get rid of them with the small nail scissors, carefully cut the them.

Goatee home

How to trim goatee beard type yourself?It will not be difficult, because now sell special templates for shaving, which can be controlled and adjusted to your face shape.Such devices tightly cover the part of the beard and mustache, which should leave.And that hair, which were outside the template, we can safely shear razor or trimmer - the result is a beautiful and perfectly flat goatee.

beard modeling at home - it's quite a difficult task.But if the result does not suit the works, it is always possible to completely shave all facial hair.