Fungal place Ulyanovsk region and the Ulyanovsk

How nice to enjoy a tasty soup or a pie or honey agaric mushrooms.Especially if you yourself collect mushrooms.And it's not as difficult as it seems.It is only necessary to know the special places of the Ulyanovsk region.After all, its forests are rich in a wide variety of edible species.The main thing is not to be lazy, and then from the "quiet hunt" You can get a maximum of pleasure and of course, the crop.To do this, you must know which mushrooms can be eaten and which can lead to serious health consequences.

Where to look for mushrooms in the Ulyanovsk region

where the fungus?"In Ulyanovsk!"- Answer you experienced collectors.And there will be absolutely right.After Ulyanovsk region is widely regarded as the mushroom capital of the Volga region.When the season starts, come here so fans of silent hunting, that the railroad has to start additional trains and trains.They are called - mushroom.Here there are almost all kinds, edible: white mushrooms, aspen, chanterelles, russula and others.You can l

ook for them in the woods, clearings and glades - yes anywhere!

Fungal place Ulyanovsk region is in all its areas.But, as they say experienced amateurs richer harvest of all the following places:

  • In Karsunsky District near the villages to seek better linguistic and Prisloniha.
  • Inzensky In one of the favorite mushroom settlements is Glotovka - this is probably one of the most productive towns in the region.
  • paradise "quiet hunt" called Kuzovatovsky District.They grow here are completely different and absolutely huge kolichestve.Vstrechayutsya all forests area, but it is best to look at Baevsky reserve.Incidentally, you can also collect a good harvest of cranberries.
  • In Staromaynsky District mushrooms are rich in all forest districts.
  • Undory In places you can find among the ferns are good mushrooms, and even mushrooms.

As you can see, you can gather a rich harvest in almost all corners of the region.And, of course, he Ulyanovsk and its surroundings attract lovers of mushrooms from the region.

Mushrooms Ulyanovsk

If desired, you can harvest even in the city.Some parks have a good mushroom places.Ulyanovsk is surprisingly rich in them.A lot of various kinds can be found in the woods on the outskirts.First of all, this hardwood tracts in the northern part of the city.You can find many great honey agaric and brown cap boletus.But you can go to them, for example, in the area of ​​Zakhar'evskii mine in villages Ivanovka wilted Key and crowbars.There's a lot of different fungi.In Undory can easily find good mushrooms and mushrooms.

How do you know whether there were mushrooms in Ulyanovsk?Very simple!The main thing is to remember that the season of "hunting" begins in the late summer - early autumn.Although in general the mushrooms grow almost all year round, so if you want, at any time, except for the winter, you can gather a good harvest.

Where to look for some mushrooms?

Where better to gather mushrooms in Ulyanovsk?Search can be almost all of mixed forests.But each species prefers a separate place.For example, butter mushrooms growing in pine forests and wild mushrooms - in hardwood.The spruce like to settle and white mushrooms, and in oak - russules.By the way, contrary to belief, aspen and birch are found not only at "their" trees.Like other fungi, they love the sunlit hills and hillocks.By the way, to find them, do not necessarily go deep into the forest - they usually grow at the edge.And boletus often hiding in the bush cranberries.Right on the path, you can find a lot of chanterelles and syroezhek.

Thus, mushroom places Ulyanovsk region are very diverse.Everyone will be able to find them to your liking.

Note beginner mushroomer

But to collect an impressive harvest is not enough just to know the special places of the Ulyanovsk region.There are some secrets that can help the beginner to go home with a full basket.It is best to gather mushrooms, when there are no bright sun in the early morning.As the experienced "hunters", at dawn they are most fragrant and strong, and a hat with dew sparkles and clearly visible.You also need to remember that richer all the young forest.In these fungi appear much earlier, and harvest them anymore.And, of course, need to be treated carefully and responsibly to the forest and its gifts.There

most simple cultural skills for mushrooms to be observed.For example, it is better not to cut them with a knife, and removed from the ground with her foot.So it reduced the risk of death across the mycelium and other people can then enjoy its harvest.

How not to get lost in the woods

better not to go for mushrooms in the evening.During this busy time flies by, and in the dark to get lost very easily.Be sure to take a first aid kit, a supply of water and food, as well as a mobile phone, in the event that contact with the rescue service.Better to grab a map of the area and a compass.

And if you still get lost, most importantly, do not panic and try to find at least some reference point - a path or clearing.Listen to the sound: to help get out of the forest can the noise of the train, or operating a tractor, a dog barking or chimes.

Safety rules

important to remember the basic rules to find the safest place mushroom.Ulyanovsk - is densely populated and busy city, so in any case can not harvest the vicinity of roads, landfills, abandoned places and warehouses.It attracts a large number of fungi harmful substances.It is better not to put them in plastic bags: due to lack of fresh air, they quickly deteriorate.It should be known only to collect mushrooms and never try them raw - it is dangerous.

You can not eat overripe or worm-eaten specimens, they can be severely poisoned.Cook the mushrooms should immediately after returning home.Knowing these simple rules, you can significantly reduce the risk of poisoning.

What to do in case of poisoning?

If after eating mushrooms have appeared symptoms such as severe abdominal pain, dizziness, fever or loss of coordination, most likely it is poisoning.In this case, you should immediately call a doctor.But the enormous importance is also first aid.The patient must wash out the stomach, and then take the activated carbon.

After that, the body needs plenty of fluids: suitable warm tea or a special saline solution.When the doctor arrives, it is necessary to tell in detail what mushrooms used as food, and how much they were prepared and who is still eating.

As you can see, it is important to know not only the special places in Ulyanovsk, but also a number of rules that will help make the "hunt" is not only successful, but also the most secure for life and health.