What is the best city to live in Russia?

man always dreams of a good living environment, clean environment, safe movement.When choosing a place of permanent deployment, it also focuses on the crime rate in the area, the state of infrastructure, the availability of handy subway stations and bus stops.We strive to find a better life for the city, concentrating his attention on the real estate abroad.But why throw the home place and go into the unknown, and when our country has so many beautiful, comfortable and just wonderful settlements.

evaluation criteria

To start let's see what factors are taken into account by sociologists, choosing the best city to live in Russia.The first is the level of satisfaction of the basic needs of citizens.Forming the rating, the experts basing it on 14 indicators.Conventionally, they can be divided into two groups: the cost of living and the quality of the surrounding environment.The first group includes categories such as the possibility of long-term rent an apartment or purchase their own homes, the level o

f costs for utilities, the need for people in the purchases and the total volume.

The second group is more extensive.Then take into account transport accessibility, the degree of illumination, and traffic congestion, crime rates, clean environment, no environmental pollution, the availability of green space, compact districts and the location of them all necessary facilities for the life, the quality of service in health clinics and so on.Analyzing the data for each item, sociologists total output of interest, which determine the best city to live in Russia.

Tyumen and Orenburg

These two settlements - one of the cleanest and safest life.Tyumen is leading almost all the rankings presented in recent years.Russians are also often referred to as a leader it was her at the time of polls and anonymous questionnaire.The honorary title of "best cities in Russia" Tyumen awarded primarily for the quality of education, which is produced by local schoolchildren and students.There is also good service housing and road maintenance.In this locality is second only to Naberezhnye Chelny and Kemerovo, respectively.

Another nice spot on the map of Russia - Orenburg.This is one of the most respected industrial, economic and cultural centers of the state.The population here small 560 thousand people who were able to establish the joint efforts of the work of all spheres of life, especially health and safety.According to these indicators Orenburg - one of the leaders in Russia.The city also is in the top 5 on the quality of housing services.According to the arrangement of roads it is in 10th place, the level of education - 32 m.

Moscow the capital of Russia is not only the best city to live in Russia, but also beautiful, historic and culturally rich center.It is the most populous, not only within the country but also throughout Europe.According to recent data, the number of local residents and visitors has already reached 12 million.More than 70 percent of Muscovites believe the city comfortable for living.They say there is everything you need simple man, many shops, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, theaters and art galleries.

Moscow - the leader of service quality of the housing stock occupies the first position on the ratings of the road transport infrastructure.Respondents Respondents praised the cultural values ​​of the capital, its great cathedrals and churches, monuments and architectural ensembles.But the level of health and safety most consider low: this criterion Moscow has only the 14th place among all Russian cities.Education - is another weak point of the capital.The reason - a tough competition between schools, which affects primarily the level of knowledge that children receive.

Kazan and Krasnodar

They are a long time to recognize the "darlings" of tourists.Kazan - the best city to live in Russia (2014), as well as a fabulous place with antique architecture and clean, well-maintained parks and streets.Local Kremlin, which is here, entered the list of objects that are under relentless protection of UNESCO.Not so long ago celebrated the millennium of Kazan - in 2005.Here lives a little more than a million people - a sixth position in the list of the most populated areas in Russia.Most appreciate the locals, is the quality of roads and education - 6th and 7th places.

With regard to Krasnodar because he also holds a leading position, especially in the high level of medical services and low crime.According to these indicators among the five best in the country.Krasnodar - the best city to live in Russia, a powerful industrial center.Here highly food industry, machine building and chemical industry, there are also many companies processing metal and wood.One of my favorite all attractions - Cascade near the cinema "Aurora".

St. Petersburg

The quality of life here is at a decent level.Peter - a city with great prospects.Average per capita income ranges from 700 to 800 dollars a month, which is a good indicator for the Eastern European countries.Ranked in the top-5 Russian cities for quality of care and the development of security systems and education.It occupies a leading position in the overall ranking of the livability of houses, streets and squares.

little "limp" roads and transport services - only 16th place all over the country.Despite the fact that this is the best city to live in Russia, there are many residents suffer from the depression.The reason, say environmentalists, is in the dismal weather and the cold, which attack Petrograd during much of the year.Lack of sunlight people compensate for the solarium - a long-standing successful technique which came to us from the Scandinavian countries, where the climate is similar.The main attraction of St. Petersburg - the world-famous white nights.

Other cities

I would like first of all to note Chelyabinsk.He is one of the largest cities in the state, is home to about one million people.It occupies the second place after the Tyumen on the quality of education, the third - in terms of transport and road sector.It is very beautiful promenade.And yet all of the tourists attracted by Kirovka which local affectionately called Arbat.This is the original pedestrian street that has become a true symbol of the city.It has many old buildings and unusual galleries and original coffee.

What is the best city to live in Russia?This category may also include Yekaterinburg - the place has a special charm.Here modern European buildings coexist with quaint architectural ensembles.Krasnoyarsk - another pearl of Russia.It occupies the 8 th place in the ranking of the best Russian cities.In winter, tourists gaze wonderful views and colorful landscapes.However, for a long time to enjoy them will not work: the temperature is kept at around 30 degrees Celsius.Other Russian cities with high living standards also include Belgorod, Rostov, Nizhny Novgorod, Surgut, Murmansk, and so on.