How to learn to run fast?

Perhaps you, like me, at the time, want to learn to run very fast, sharply reacting to someone else's advantage in the race.In order to become faster, increase your running speed and endurance required not only for personal satisfaction for doing a certain number of sport, it is necessary to ask the corresponding question.The correct statement is not a "how to learn to run fast?" And "how to run fast?".

We are not born with the ability to run very fast, but the predisposition to this lies in many of us.To gain this ability is quite possible, on the condition that it will develop, putting maximum effort, studying techniques that reveal the secrets of how to run fast.

We proceed directly to how to learn to run fast or sprint training the future.Let's start with the theory and move on to direct the exercises that help to achieve the desired result.

important to know that there are two indicators - frequency step and stride length, which directly affect the running speed.As a result of increase stride

length will be able to cover one step greater distance, and increase the frequency step will help to make them more and more over time.It is in such a relationship is an increase in running speed.

proceed directly to the exercises.

exercises performed in tandem:

you need to wrap an elastic leash around your waist or use a piece of rubber tubing, holding his hands, and the opposite end it is necessary to firmly hold in the hands of a partner.Then you need to start running, hauling of a running mate, gradually increasing its speed of up to the maximum limit.Experimentally proved that this method is able to increase the speed by 10% than in normal run, performed without accompaniment.

Exercise "run down»:

desirable to perform downhill run with an irregular slope of a hill or a flight of stairs height of not less than 30 meters, concentrating on how to make the repulsion toes.Perform a single approach should be not less than ten repetitions.

jumping exercises, each of which should be made as high as possible and sharply at least 10 times.

    1. From the squat.

    crouch with his hands clasped behind his head, in this exercise - it's original position.You need to jump up, returning to the starting position.

    2. From the lunge.

    Jumping manufacture of a lunge position, one leg when exposed forward to the full stretch, and the other the most laid back, with your feet, body and head facing forward.Jumping to change the position of feet and land in a lunge to the opposite leg.

    3. Zigzag.

    performs both on one and on two legs.They concluded in a diagonal skipping cones spaced at 60 cm distance from each other with a sharp change in the direction of the jump.

    4. With alternating feet.

    Made from half-step position both in the horizontal and vertical planes.It is advisable to accompany alternating jumps and swings his arms hanging in the air.Try to jump high and covered with a maximum distance of length.

    5. upright, on two legs.

    put your feet shoulder-width apart, try to jump as high as possible up, helping himself in the hands of strokes in the direction of motion of the body.

    6. On one leg.

    From the position of half-step perform jumping on one leg bent at the knee in the second flight leg up, and try to stay as long as possible in the air.

At the end of the article, to answer questions about how to learn to run fast, I want to focus on the following:

train in a week you need at least two times, but it should give your body 24 hours rest between workouts.Do not forget or neglect the stretching before and after exercise, as it is important.Stretching is able to facilitate a little muscle pain and accelerate the growth of muscle mass.

Of course, every person, due to the influence of heredity, can reach certain limits in the race.But after training, to address the question of how to learn to run fast, it is possible to achieve acceptable results and feel the desired effect on employment.