Property Insurance

Property Insurance in Russia in the last five years has been developing very rapidly.Voluntary insurance is becoming increasingly popular service. property insurance helps protect against the circumstances, if the property is something going to happen in the event of fire, theft, natural disaster, etc.Timely insurance in this case is capable of protecting against financial losses.

Individuals may take out insurance for the protection of apartments, houses, mortgages and title insurance contracts.

When apartments insurance provides protection against fire, flooding, theft, robbery and natural disasters.Upon occurrence of the insurance situation, the insurance company pays the cost of property insurance policy.You can not insure the whole apartment as a whole, and its individual parts, for example, only the finish.

When home insurance fall under this concept, any structure in urban and rural areas.Just as in the previous case, you can insure any part of the property: landscape design, inter

ior decoration, antiques, etc.

Mortgage insurance provides assistance in the performance of credit obligations to banks in case of loss of the usual income with disability, unforeseen expenses, loss or restriction of property rights for real estate.

Title insurance is designed to provide insurance protection in case of loss of property rights, if a private person to conclude the transaction declared unlawful because of the events that were unknown to him at the time of conclusion of the contract.This type of insurance is relevant on the eve of the purchase of real estate.

Business is always associated with risks.It is typical for large industrial enterprises and small firms.Unforeseen circumstances can cause significant damage to the company, up to the loss of business.Some of these risks is likely not only to anticipate, but also to take steps to minimize their timely. Property insurance companies and organizations (legal entities) can protect in case of loss or damage to property and leased property and in other cases.

Insurance of large, medium and small businesses include property insurance against fire and other hazards, insurance losses from interruptions in production, machines and other equipment on the production breakdowns, construction risks, cargo, title insurance and agribusiness.

Objects of insurance are the buildings, farm building, construction, construction in progress, materials, goods, raw materials, kiosks, stalls, shops, stalls, indoor decoration and building, electronic equipment, electrical appliances, etc.Property insurance provides for cases of wrongful acts of third parties for the dispensation of fires, bays, explosions, as well as natural phenomena of nature such as lightning, downpours, hail, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.

Insurance provides coverage of possible risks, and aims to ensure the protection of assets of enterprises and organizations.At the conclusion of insurance contracts taken into account the specifics of the company and factors that may have a negative impact on the safety of the property of a legal entity.The contract is part of the amount of funds to the company or the company is willing to spend on insurance.Paying insurance services may be a lump sum or installment system.

amount of insurance is documented on the property, or the report of the expert committee.

Pending the conclusion of the contract the insurance company has the right to verify the information about the property and assess the state of its actual value.At the same time insurers verified the existence of the property to the address of the risk, the value of the purchase, life and other aspects.The cost of insurance for legal entities established individually.Typically, it ranges from 0.1% to 6% of the value of insured property.