Compulsory social insurance as an element of state support of the population

Life is not only pleasant moments, but also frustrating.Yes, on those or other problems, we can not protect themselves, but to insure contingency voluntarily any person.The state, in order to improve the lives of those citizens who, due to various reasons can not engage in employment, introduced compulsory social insurance.Federal Law "On the basis of compulsory social insurance" came into force on 16 July 1999.Also, it reinforces some other federal laws and regulations.Since that time, every citizen who wants to get a job, have to sign a contract under which he is required to pay monthly premiums.In fact, this is nothing like a tax on social insurance.

opinion on whether all the mandatory social insurance, of course, divided.Some do not see this as anything useful, while others, realizing that in life anything may happen, fully agree with the necessity of its existence.Where is this government support can manifest themselves?Compulsory social insurance manifests itself in the event that will come fro

m the following insurance risks:

· working citizen for health requires medical care;

· During the labor process the worker had suffered an industrial injury or occupational disease has evolved;

· There was a temporary disability;

· Offensive maternity, child care up to 1.5 years;

· The loss of a breadwinner;

· The employee was officially recognized by the unemployed;

· Disability;

· The death of the insured person or the other, most of the disabled, family members who are his dependents.

From all this we can draw the following conclusion: if the working man is not going to pay the premiums, then got into one of the situations described above, it could easily turn out to be below the poverty line.In other words, he is deprived of state support, which could help him to cope with life's adversities.

social insurance for employees - it is a guarantee that the person is not left alone with their problems.Each insurance risk is reinforced by certain cash payments, the amount of which shall be established after the insurance company documents that serve as the basis for their appointment.The types of insurance benefits include the following:

· Payment of all expenses for the treatment of an employee at a medical facility;

· Old age pension, disability and survivors;

· Temporary disability benefits;

· Benefit in connection with obtaining a work injury or occupational disease;

· Manual for pregnancy, childbirth and child care until the age of eighteen;

· Lump sum when registering at the early stages of pregnancy and childbirth.

· Payment of vouchers for spa treatment;

· Funeral benefit.

insured person is entitled to receive insurance payments, as well as to protect their rights if they are violated.Also, the insured person is required to make contributions on a monthly basis, unless otherwise provided by the state, as well as timely provide all the documents that may require the insurance company or underwriter.In turn, the person carrying out the insurance, has the right to require the insured person the necessary documents, if necessary, carry out additional examination to establish insurance risk, to collect unpaid contributions.If all the requirements of the insurer is required either to refuse payment (if the insurance risk has not been confirmed), or assign a payment based on the type of insurance risk.

worth noting that mandatory social insurance also applies to those who are not formally arranged to work.Before you make the right decision, you need to think well, what is better: pay taxes and receive state support or greed, poverty and hopelessness in the difficult moments of life.