Build it - is what?

Everyone sooner or later begins to think about the meaning of life, what contribution it makes to the life and existence of the people around them.We all want to be helpful, loved ones close, gain recognition, take place in this or that activity.The achievement of these goals is largely due to awareness of the need to develop and strengthen a creative start in life.Many people gradually come to that, to take it as a basis.

If we turn to the dictionary, you can find out what is being created - it recreates, the creative life of his great desire to do it.However, the main idea here is not to act against public installations, to live by their own rules, does not agree with the opinion of the majority, and to direct all their energy and the disclosure of its creative potential.

So, what does it mean to build?The meaning dates back to the building filled with a special sense of life.In this article we will try to answer questions about which components includes creation and what it is in the general


openness to new experience

man, ready to accept the changing conditions of their own existence, always striving for renewal.No matter what it is - the acquisition of a specialty, acquisition of knowledge, the study of objects of any kind.The main thing, such a person is not afraid to take risks, do not feel guilty about the fact that the money spent on himself.While Creating the life around him, man becomes truly happy.

Why is it important for us to take a new experience?The fact that we live in is constantly learning.If what we have learned, it's nice, then, as many believe, can be proud of its achievements.If this fact is not very frowned upon in society, most of all, people will not accept a new experience, it will hide and, as a result, nothing useful, it does not endure.


What can compare in strength to the happiness experienced by the creator when he was able to complete the work?Creative impulses are many, but only a few are actually willing to work on the development of his talent.Build it - it is, above all, one who is not afraid to take risks.Loyalty to his ideals - a criterion that promotes talent and helps to manifest extraordinary abilities.If a person has a clear plan of development and formation of ourselves as a great author of books, paintings and musical creations, he will succeed much faster.


We could not live on this planet alone.Man is so constituted that even with prosperous circumstances, he still needs help and participation of the other.Even little support, time spoken word, a smile, a look - this is not just helps to keep faith in yourself, take heart in difficult situations.

Many believe that charity - a lot of very rich people who can and should share with those who are so lucky.Meanwhile, the real help is always born in the heart, that is within a person.Anyone can be useful to your neighbor.For this we need to have faith in themselves and an open heart.


build it - is the one who is in harmony with itself and the whole world, and therefore, has integrity.Such a person sharpened self-esteem, he will not allow anyone to hurt themselves.They can not be manipulated, he is so wise and self-sufficient, that the detractors bypassed by his side.

Integrity refers to the desire to live in harmony with the laws of the universe.Person possessing harmony, able to give and genuinely care for others.It is completely devoid of egotism, but has individual goals, ambitions, who wants to implement.That is what it means to fully build.The meaning here is seen as the ability to be themselves, without masks and false pretense.

Love for Life

Happy man - generous person.He wants to share his sense of abundance overflows from within, and he is happy at the same time.His face lights up with a genuine smile when he talks to other people, animals, nature, the whole world.This person spends much time as in the interaction with others and alone.He has no fear of being alone.Spiritual practice, meditation - that's his strength, center of personality, creative visualization.

Anyone who truly loves life, will never be a harm to any creature.He is mentally and practically (ie business) takes some efforts to maintain prosperity in the world.This includes the protection of natural resources, specific assistance to people.

thus creating - it recreates the life, happy, holistic, internally filled with people who can renounce the right time from his own selfishness and serve the true participation for the benefit of others.