Sociometry: how to handle the results.

There is no doubt that the productivity of the team, or any other group - is key to the successful implementation of the task.This is important even when colleagues are working individually and practically involved in group activities.The psychological atmosphere among employees has a tremendous impact on the entire work process, and the relationship will affect the overall result.

about the accuracy and reliability of psychology, you can argue, but this area as the group dynamics are well studied, and scientists have gained a lot of knowledge and experience.The most accessible, easy and intuitive way to analyze group interaction - is a method of sociometric measurements.With him is determined by the position of each element of the system of relations, identify hidden assessment of sympathy and affection.

history method

Technique (sociometry) was created and developed by the American scientist-psychologist John. L. Moreno.This concept he meant social science, psychological theory and empirical

method for the study group, which helps examine and regulate the relations between people.

Today, sociology, social psychology and psychotherapy are used to study and harmonization of interpersonal relations in small groups such procedure as sociometry.How to process the results - this question is raised by psychologists and HR managers.Open book with tests, you'll find a detailed description and instructions on how and what to do.

theoretical basis of this method was the desire of the scientist J.. L. Moreno explain all aspects (economic, political, etc.). Public life, operate with such concepts as the emotional relationship between people, likes and dislikes.The psychologist-researcher and his students have suggested that the problem situations of society can be solved not by distribution class, and with the help of the movement of people because of their emotional preferences.Thus, there will sociometric revolution which will make harmonious social relations.

John. L. Moreno introduced into his theory such a thing as a body, and found it quite important.This concept is very simple emotional unit that is transmitted from one person to another, and thus determines the number and quality of interpersonal relationships entered into by individuals.

General characteristics sociometry

To obtain reliable data are important not only results sociometry.First, you need to collect preliminary information about the study group.Second, prepare the questions and carry out, actually, sociometric survey.Thirdly, you should analyze and interpret the data obtained during the survey.Of course, this method involves the use of other methods such as observation and statistical processing of sociometry.

An important point to remember in preparing the questions is that they should not be abstract and concrete, some reflecting the current situation.Sociometry conducted in communities where colleagues have long been working together and have enough information about each other.According to temporal characteristics - it works for about six months.The size of the study group - 12-15 people.

Participation in sociometric study, only voluntary.Preliminary discussion on the rules of conduct of the respondents psychological experiments.Answers have to be honest, because they relate to the emotional side of relationships in the team.It so happens that the respondent has difficulties in filling out the form or do not want to answer at all.Remember that it is his right.But even this result is important, says the method (sociometry).How to process the results in this case?Release of the overall outcome of the test and conduct individual interviews with him, to understand the reason for refusal.

Features group

procedure sociometric technique does not differ no difficulty, but to comply with the rules and regulations need to be sure.Basic conditions - is the use of personalized profiles, after an anonymous part will prevent the subsequent interpretation of the results.

Also, there are some requirements for the composition of the study group.Firstly, it must have clear boundaries (employees of a specific department, team, and so on. D.), And secondly, the duration of its existence must be at least 3 months, and six months is best.

erroneous will conduct testing after some celebrations, corporate parties, after two or three weeks in the group will be the emotions associated with the event, and this will lead to a distortion of the survey data.

present and certain requirements to a specialist, conducting sociometric research.It is in any case can not be a member of the team, but the level of confidence to the group it should be high.

investigation procedure

sociometric survey carried out in a separate room, where all the subjects.Manager reads the instructions and questions, and respondents fill out the appropriate form.The question may be: "Who do you invite to his birthday party, and who do not want to see on your holiday?"The subject selects three of whom include group and three, one rule.Options for "any" and "all" are not accepted.Choosing any of the staff, the subject in front of its name says, is why he did it and characteristics of the person (in his opinion).

essence of the question itself may be different, the main thing - it is a clear, unambiguous and simple formulation.The text should correspond to the age group of the participants, their interests and level of development.That procedure is a method such as sociometry.How to process the results, you can learn more.This is very important.

Building sociometric matrix

processing reference sociometry includes a special matrix, which is defined as a table with the results of the test to make a choice.On the left side vertically entered the names of employees and exactly horizontally on top of the table.

also transferred to the table all the additional information about the characteristics of the subjects.

sociogram - graphic expression sociometric data

Of course, before the manager is unlikely to global scientific goal, so expect sociometric status is not necessary.The head will be enough to bring the overall value of elections and failure by the method of "Sociometry."How to process the results in such a situation, any psychologist will tell.Sociogram - visualize the results of this poll.It is convenient because you can see the schematic all relationships in the team.

Conclusion The presented method simple and easy to use, does not require any additional financial or other costs.It was invented in the early 20th century, John. L. Moreno, and up to now it is very popular in social psychology.