Personal Account - a vital necessity

What is a personal account?This is something that has become an important part of many people's lives.It is an account that reflects the different financial transactions between institutions (insurance companies, banks, utilities, authorities of the State Tax Inspectorate) and customers that are legal or natural person.One person may have several.Each of these accounts has its own characteristics: number, name of the bank.

main purpose

tax inspection personal account - a record of all receipts and accruals of taxes, additional payments, the different penalties (after inspection) returns.It should open each new company, which is registered.

Many citizens pay utilities.The owners of the apartment when they receive the relevant documents of their right to property should go to the organization managing the house (utilities), apply what they want to open a personal account.That they need to pay for public services.Details of all previous owners will not be valid.

Yet such an account is opened

in the banks when you make a loan.By the way, it is important to know that this financial institution should not take a person any amount or percentage.Such actions are illegal.The bank has the opportunity to open such an account in order to keep the money there for a certain percentage.Also, sometimes accounting businesses need a personal account.This is required to make payments to individuals.

Some subtleties

has its own characteristics when opening a personal account, let's consider them:

1. If it is necessary for a natural person, the person should go to the bank to prepare your passport, as well as VAT.Some are asked to submit the original of the latter, the other is enough to mention just a number.Still need a certain amount of money.

2. To implement Incoming / debit transactions, you will need a current account or a contribution titled "On demand".They will use the funds without any restrictions, withdraw money, or, conversely, to make.

3. An employee of the bank account after the selection prepare the contract, it will be spelled out all the conditions of this service.Carefully read each item, and then, if all you want, you can sign the document.Signatures in it and in the passport must match.It and subsequent debit transactions to sign as well.An important characteristic - account number, you can always find your bank.

It is useful to know

to open a bank account, SP (individual entrepreneur) will need the following documents:

- certificate of registration and registration with the tax organization.

- passport.

- Statement.

- Card, which will print samples and signatures.It should be notarized or at the bank.

- licenses and patents.

For 1-5 days, the bank carries out all checks and opening accounts.

Note that for the legal entity will need more documents.In addition to the basic package, you need a memorandum of association, articles of association, the paper confirming the different functions (director, accountant), copies of passports administration.Also needed specimen signatures, stamp impression, an extract from the current register of legal entities.

before opening the account, you can always consult with specialists in the bank.