Definition: What is honor and dignity

In the olden days, people were afraid of losing their honor, protect her and died for her in a duel.Now this, of course not, but that does not mean that modern man does not possess this quality.Everyone should know the definition of the meaning of honor.What does the dignity of human beings and how not to lose?

Definition: what honor

concept of "honor" means the combination of qualities of the person, due to which it becomes self-esteem.It includes such personality traits as generosity, justice, valor, courage, honesty, high morals and strict moral principles.

In the past, the honor was associated not so much with the internal qualities of the person as to its ability to behave in society, to comply with the established norms and rules of conduct.This is required to maintain the reputation and respect for the person.

definition of the word "honor" is closely linked with the concept of honesty.First of all one should not deceive himself.Honour establishes beyond what people can afford to do, with

out feeling guilt and remorse.

What is human dignity

Human dignity - this is his respect for his person, the feeling of the importance of themselves as individuals, the ability to get out of any situation without stepping over their principles.It is inherent to the birth of each of the people.

Human dignity enables him to realize the importance of not only yourself but also others.People who have this inherent quality, respectful of others.Dignity gives a person a sense of confidence in themselves and in their abilities.The higher we appreciate ourselves, the more potential opens before us.

definition of what an honor and what a virtue in something similar.They establish criteria for self-esteem of man as well as his attitude toward the person from society and reflect the moral value of the individual.

Every person has any honor and dignity

Probably everyone in his life fell into such a situation, when you experience a sense of lack of self-esteem and worthlessness.From a legal point of view, the definition of what honor and dignity, requires that every person at birth is endowed with these qualities.They can not disappear and the gap in their lifetime.Human dignity is protected by law in the event of his humiliation perpetrator be punished.

In fact, it happens that people do not feel worthy, believe that they are not for that respect.Most often this occurs when a person performs a particular act for which feels remorse afterwards.In such cases we say that the honor and dignity lost.

Typically, after some time, the person guilty smoothes and improves the reputation once again deserve the respect of society.He is no longer considered himself a failure and worthless, does not bear this definition.Honor and dignity at the same time once again returned to the person.

How to feel worthy man

If for some reason you do not feel like a decent person, you can make an effort to rectify this situation.First of all, you need to stop all attempts to degrading treatment on the part of others.Just learn how to properly put themselves in society, you can feel worthy of respect.

need to constantly replenish the knowledge and skills of your luggage in the profession and to improve other areas of life.The higher the value you will be present as an expert, the higher your self-esteem, therefore, and dignity.

To feel their honor and dignity, you need to take responsibility for the implementation of the debt.This concerns not only the debt to the state, but also of specific commitments and assignments undertaken.This includes the fulfillment of family obligations, responsible attitude to the work tasks, the ability to keep promises, and understand the significance of his words and deeds.