How to stop lying?

Everyone in his life at least once lied or had been deceived.The reasons why people lie, are quite diverse.Most often this is due to the desire to look better than it actually is.It would seem to lie - it's that simple, but it is worth remembering that lie destroys a person from the inside, and it violates the harmony.The fear of being exposed brings great discomfort, which may eventually lead to serious psychological problems.Many people with age are beginning to understand that cheating is not the way out, so think about how to stop lying.

lies the benefit

Such a formulation - a rather lame excuse.It is very difficult to determine the precise point when a lie is not harmful.And does it exist?In any case, the deception will be revealed sooner or later, and the man who wrote the legend would feel very uncomfortable.It is difficult to prove that it was done for the benefit, not harm.Lies destroy even the strongest relationship, exacerbating the situation and the negative impact on health.

Why people are liars?

As a rule, no one is planning to become a deceiver.It happens gradually, but inevitably leads to the fact that the man asks the question: "How to stop lying?" Process begins with the fact that people say that the information that wants to hear the interlocutor.They believe that "innocent" lie does not hurt anybody.But it is not so: left an unpleasant aftertaste, and fear of "getting caught."

reasons lie

To understand how to stop lying to the people, you need to understand why this is happening.Sometimes a person realizes with dismay that he often tells a lie.Fables can wear a different character, but the result is always the same: people lie like a gas meter and cease to remember that, when and to whom they spoke.Lying is growing like a snowball, it leads to sad consequences.

Psychologists distinguish the main reasons why people cheat:

  • desire to look better.Every person would like to be a worthy example for imitation and admiration.In real life, unfortunately, to achieve this is not easy.The easiest way - is a lie and "whitewash" themselves.
  • desire to control others.Sometimes people come up with different stories, which help him to influence other people.Such manipulations are effective very long: soon people will expose liar, and his power to end.But along with it, and lost respect for him.So, before you choose this path, you must carefully consider whether game worth the candle.
  • Self-glorification.This reason is driven by people with low self-esteem.They want to appear more gifted, wonderful and interesting.Lies helps them raise self-esteem in their eyes.

How to fight the urge to lie?

Thinking about how to stop lying, we must first recognize the problem.Without it, get rid of this pernicious habit is unlikely to succeed.The next step - to calm down.No need to remember with horror when, what and to whom it was said.It is enough to apologize to those people who had to listen to stories.And when will once again have the desire to lie, you must remember this promise to yourself.

be a

Do not compare yourself with others and be guided by their actions and thoughts.Everyone - individuality.In order to command respect from others, you need to be honest and to work on his inner world.

tell the truth - it is easy!

People who ponder over how to stop lying, psychological advice will be very helpful.Experts claim that telling the truth is easy and pleasant.In the future, it will not need to strain and frantically remember their history.It is much easier to analyze the situation once than to live in constant fear that the truth is found and you have to relive unpleasant moments.This destroys the inner harmony and deprives the rest.

There is no "little lie»

people justifying his fraud such concept as "a lie of silence" profoundly mistaken.No need to look for excuses and lies to dress in beautiful shape.Do not tell the truth, which is known - is also a deception.

Vranje for the good reputation of

tips, how to stop lying, can be effective only if the person is aware of the futility of their own lies.No reputation will not live long in the untrue stories.But to regain the trust of others will be more difficult and sometimes impossible.It is better to look for other ways to the heights that can help achieve stable and unwavering results.

«Little truth»

People who lie all my life, it is very difficult to suddenly figure out how to stop lying.Therefore, psychologists recommend to start with small steps.It is necessary to speak the truth every day, where before there would be a lie.

Vranje - this is a kind of theft: a person dishonestly receives from the people the respect, love and acceptance.It is better to devote their energies to trying to understand how to satisfy the emotions honestly.This will be a strong base for self-development and building relationships with others.