How to transfer money from "Yandex" on the WebMoney?

As they say, the rich also cry.Indeed, shame is, if you have the means, but buy them nothing you can.This story could happen to those whose funds are in a purse, located in the electronic system "Yandex".What do you do if the money from the purse of which is not accepted, and must be moved to another cash purse?How to transfer money from "Yandex" on the WebMoney?You can do it, but you have to tinker a bit.

Now you can familiarize yourself with how to transfer money from "Yandex" on WebMoney.For this purpose must meet the following conditions:

1. You must, of course, at the expense of "Yandex";This account should be identified.

2. The system WebMoney, you must be the owner of the certificate that has a certain level (in this case - not less formal), all of the data in which you confirmed;

3. Data identifying your identity must be the same on two sites - systems "Yandex" and WebMoney.

So, how to transfer money to the "Yandex" on the WebMoney?To do this you need to perform a certain sequence of acti

ons and know some of the features (by the way, for a transfer of funds from you removed a commission equal to 4.5%).To begin operation called "how to transfer money from" Yandex "on the WebMoney" you need by doing all of the above conditions, tied the score one payment system to another.For this WebMoney online go to the section called "operations accounts".In this section, select the icon "Yandex", to enter the account number and send a request to link.Together with the report you should come and check the numbers.Remember it, write down or save anywhere, but do not try to lose!

After binding, but before you transfer the money to the "Yandex" on the "WebMoney", confirm the implementation of the procedure binding on going for this service "Yandex".To confirm the need to enter the number of inspections (I hope you have not lost it yet).If you have done everything right, the two services a window will appear, which will indicate that the procedure completed successfully bind, and now you can freely and without any difficulties to transfer their funds to another wallet.

And the last point on how to transfer money on the "WebMoney" - is authorized in the system "Yandex."Going into said system, you will see a number of my account icon WebMoney.Click on it, and then by this sight you will have a form that must be filled, so that the transfer of funds was carried out successfully.Type in your payment amount and verify the implementation of the operation, entering the appropriate security code and password.However, remember that in the "Yandex" transfer amount is limited.On the day you can translate "Yandex" on the purse in WebMoney no more than fifteen thousand rubles, and in the past month, this amount should not exceed three hundred thousand.As for the minimum amount, the one-time payment may not be less than one ruble.

In case of money transfer service between the purses, you no longer need, you can carry out the procedure unbinding WebMoney purse to the account in "Yandex".To do this, you only need to go to a page of the site and follow the detailed instructions of the service.