Investment attractiveness of the potential risks of the investment =

Investment attractiveness depends on the capacity of a region, including the possible risks.Investment attractiveness of individual regions is calculated on the basis of statistical data for at least eight directions.This employment of the population, provision of finance, availability of production facilities, consumer demand, infrastructure, availability of natural resources, development of the tourism industry and innovation.During the study of statistical data in the region and identifies and discusses the various factors hindering the development of the investment climate in the region.This is the level of tax administration, the level of the labor force, distortions of budget financing in certain sectors of the economy.

Investment risk is calculated on a cumulative basis, based on the following risks: management, financial, environmental, social crime through questionnaires and comparing expert opinions from representatives of investment and banking structures.Indicators of investment attractive

ness are formed on the basis of different methods, which are based using the same statistical data.When making investment decisions play an important role legislation affecting the results of the investment activity, as well as surveys and studies.No less important in these studies are peer reviews, which form a complete picture of the investment attractiveness of the complex as a whole.Expert assessments, coupled with the most advanced techniques make it possible to assess the dynamics of the region.Investment attractiveness of the region for future investment is calculated based on the analysis of individual indicators used by well-known rating agencies, as well as through the use in research of permanent and universal criteria for assessing the economic condition of the individual regions.The degree of risk is divided into nine major groups with high potential, medium and low potential.Further, the data and indicators of dynamic development assessed on the basis of their weight.As a result of these studies is determined by the investment attractiveness and the specific location of the region is estimated for subsequent investments.

important sense in making such calculations and studies on the entire territory of the Russian Federation as a whole is that the government deliberately uses a variety of stimulating activities for the development of each individual investment complex in view of its development, the available features and development of the individual territorial units.However, their investment attractiveness is growing rapidly.As a result of government infusions appears stable growth dynamics in the development of the structure of industrial and agricultural areas.The implementation of many innovative projects related to the development of transport, industrial and agricultural potential, to create a stable performance of reliability indices of the region, which gives him access to a new, higher level of dynamic and progressive development of the future.Accordingly, increase investment attractiveness, and thus reveals the competitive features of all involved in the investment policy of the state of municipal territories.A gradual and timely development of all the territories of the Russian Federation and good economic returns - is this not the main thing for all investments?