How to make a pond for fish with their hands.

pond, even a small plot on his country would like to have many more.A small pond is able to not only create a perfect microclimate next to the house and a variety of landscapes.Very often, it becomes also a source of income.All you need to do - make a pond for fish.The problem is not very easy, but if you have the desire and certain knowledge is quite doable.

Where to start?

First of all, we should define the shape and size of the future of the pond.If you wish, you can arrange a round, square, oval, etc.pond.Success in this case, as the breeding of fish, is not dependent on the shape and the dimensions of the pond.It should be understood that the embodiment is smaller than one meter, and has ten in this case, is completely unacceptable.The larger the pond, the faster it will grow young and the easier it will be to look after him.The best option is considered to be a fish pond of approximately 25-50 m2.

ponds.Basic rules

When the device of the reservoir is necessary to observe some of the reco

mmendations of experienced fish farmers.This will make the process much more efficient cultivation.Successful breeding fish is guaranteed only if it is carried out a number of conditions.

  1. choose the right primer for the bottom.
  2. arrange complex bottom topography.Shallow areas should alternate with the deep.
  3. to choose the right place for the pond itself.

How to choose the right place

fish pond should definitely hold open places.This is best if one part of the day will be lit, and the other in the shade.It is also important to see to it that in the vicinity of the reservoir did not grow trees and bushes.The fact that their roots penetrating into the water, be sure to start causing putrefaction, which will adversely affect weight gain in fish.In addition, constantly floating on the water surface rotting leaves not decorate the pond.

When choosing a place for the future of the pond should be considered as such an important moment as an opportunity to take stock of electricity.It is useful for the aeration device in the winter time.

Types of ponds for the fish

So you've decided where you want to make a pond.Breeding fish in it will be successful only if you take into account all of the above recommendations.Now you need to decide on the way in which it is a pond.Today there are several varieties of ponds suitable for breeding fish.

  1. With concrete base.The device of the reservoir has some complexity.However, the result is guaranteed to be durable.
  2. Pond plastic.Suitable mainly for breeding of ornamental fish, such as the size of the reservoir is limited.
  3. pond arranged with PVC film.It may be of any shape and size large enough.However, the service life of the film is limited to 10 th years.
  4. unlined pond.This option is ideal for areas with high groundwater levels.The bottom and walls in this case coated with clay and surrounded by turf.

most often at their summer cottage is arranged concrete pond for fish.

device concrete pond stages

to the selected location mark out the contours of the future reservoir, using pegs and string.Then proceed to the excavation to the required depth (the depth of the pond plus the thickness of concrete).Sidewalls made inclined (angle about 20 °).The soil in the bottom of the pit carefully tamped.In that case, if it is too soft, you must perform an additional strengthening of rubble.The latter also tamped and covered with a layer of sand.To fill

take concrete mix at a ratio of 1 * 3 (* cement filler).At the bottom, on wooden bars set of reinforcing mesh wire with a diameter of 3-4 mm (see step 30).Then enclose pipes in areas where there will be openings for the inflow and outflow of water and poured concrete floor.

After all fall asleep, ready to install formwork for walls.Produce can be of the conventional boards.The concrete mix laying layers of 10 cm and carefully tamped.So you can get a very durable fish pond of any shape, size and depth.

Formwork is removed in about two weeks.Sides and bottom of the pond necessarily podshtukaturivayut.For this purpose, the concrete mixture in a proportion of 1 * 3.The thickness of the plaster at the same time should be around 2.5 cm. Experts advise adding a solution of a special waterproofing additive.This will increase the life of the bottom and sides of the pond.

Fish farming in ponds.General

success in breeding the fish pond in the holiday, as well as in any other, depends primarily on criteria such as water quality.The most important parameter can be considered as the amount of dissolved oxygen therein.Its deficiency necessarily lead to stopping the growth of the fish, or even to its death.Waste of oxygen may be in the process of decay.It is therefore very important time to clean the pond from contamination.In addition, you should purchase the corresponding size of the pond aerator power.

also for normal functioning of all sorts of fish needed minerals - iron, nitrogen and phosphorus, potassium and calcium salts, etc.An important and can be considered an indicator such as the level of acidity of the water.For most species of fish suitable neutral reaction (pH 7).

Launch of fish in the pond

So, how to make a pond for fish, we found out.The next stage - it is run.Of course, after the bottom of the pond should be planted water plants.They may become an additional source of oxygen.Water poured into the reservoir for the first time, it should stand in about a month.During this time, on the walls and bottom of the image of the natural mud, and the plants take root.After standing water is drained and a new fill.The fish in the pond start gradually, starting no more than three or four individuals.Do it best in spring, waiting, when the water temperature reaches about 25 °.

Which fish is best to plant in the suburban pond

divorce in suburban pond can be the next fish.

  1. Sudak.For the year juveniles reaches a length of 30 cm. This fish is very gluttonous.When growing walleye from instar need 300 pieces of fry of other fish.
  2. Perch.Very unpretentious fish, eat only during the daytime.
  3. Catfish.With his growing pond usually inhabit small fish that comes to his food - bleak, stickleback, etc.
  4. Bulls and ruffs.Quite suitable for a fish pond in the country.

All these species can survive in a small pond, and even multiply in it.However, most often in suburban ponds stocked with carp, tench and carp.This is the most unpretentious, not too hungry and fast-growing fish.To learn how to properly care for them, and we'll talk later.


Lin Lin - fish settled and it is able to exist in reservoirs with very low oxygen content.For successful breeding and rearing pond will be enough depth of one meter and the size of 3 * 10 m. In the case of line can be more important to consider the second option.The larger the area of ​​the reservoir, the faster the youngsters will gain weight.This fish grows quite quickly.Already for the second year of life is gaining ground in the 150-180 heading, however it is only in case of compliance with all the conditions necessary breeding.Those who wish to grow tench in the country should be aware that this fish likes warm water.In a well-warmed waters it grows much faster.

Fish farming in ponds, including tench, begins with the selection of manufacturers.Starting in the pond it is done in the spring.For a small pond rather be first females and 2-3 males.Lin begins to spawn in late May - early June.

appeared in the pond fry will need to be fed.This can be used for grain wastes, and seeds of weeds.In addition, tench fed with a mixture of vegetables, minced.For this purpose, a perfectly suited beets, potatoes and carrots.It is also possible to use the feed.These types of food are always allowed in a special place, in the shallow waters.In other pond fish quickly silted and dirty.For catching tench water from the reservoir will need to be drained.This fish likes to dig in the mud, especially in the autumn, on cold days.Therefore catch as much as possible must be done carefully.

Breeding carp

Carp - and fish bred in ponds often enough.Its distinctive feature is a rapid weight gain and unpretentiousness.To get a good result at a dilution is necessary to see to it that one square meter of pond had no more than two individuals, or even better - one.The optimum water temperature in the 24-26 c.Too cold environment carp can not stand.At a temperature of 12 ° simply stops eating.Especially the deep fish pond that is not needed.Suffice it to 1-1.5 m. You can feed the carp feed, as well as legumes and cereals once or twice a day.To fish developed a conditioned reflex, the food should be cast in the same place.

Breeding carp

kras - perhaps the most unpretentious, but because simply ideal for cultivation in the suburban area, fish.Even in a very small pond can lodge up to two dozen fish (up to 300 g).Karasik The food is just as carp and tench.From time to time in the reservoir, among other species feed, you can throw up pieces of bread.

Very often the owners of summer cottages released into the pond fish caught in lakes and rivers.In this case, you need to follow one simple rule.It is essential to equalize the temperature of the water in the tank where the fish is transported to the temperature of water in the pond.Package just put in a pond and a little waiting.

Breeding fish in a small pond - it is a fascinating and profitable.If you wish to make a pond for fish with their hands in the country and make it Karasik or carp may be in just one season.Ready pond will certainly be a real "highlight" of the suburban area.