Chicken Broilers: how to feed?

Some of the most common birds, which buys meat - broiler chickens.And those who have decided to breed them, you must know the basic rules that apply in any economy.Once the chicken is born, without fail he should be given glucose solution.It promotes the resorption of residual yolk.If you do not hold this event, there is a great risk of departing chicks.

broiler meat is highly valued because of nutritional properties.In addition, it is considered a dietary product, especially useful for children and people in old age.If the human body is weakened, doctors recommend to eat the meat of broilers.

Terms antibiotics

After a course of vitamins need to drink chicken antibiotics.But giving them the first few days of life is not worth it, because microflora chick still sterile.Vitamins and amino acids strengthen the immune system of chicken and form proper metabolism, and only after that the broiler is ready to receive antibiotics.An important condition - antibiotics should not cause addiction.

After a week of the course to take a break, which is 7 days.Then it is advisable to give the bird vitamins, and after a three-day break - again antibiotics.You can then apply this scheme, increasing the break.This measure will allow the bird to be healthy and productive.

What to do if you have a newborn broiler chickens?How to feed and water them?Which create the conditions?Chickens for their rapid growth, which after 80 days begins to slow down.They should be grown in a lighted room in a state of rest.Chicken litter made from sawdust, periodically need to be replaced with new ones.In the 1st quarter.m. should not be placed more than 15 chickens.It is important that the room is regularly aired and ventilated.To maintain the necessary temperature characteristics (about 20 degrees) can use a special device.Until they reach broilers weeks of age, the temperature value is maintained at 27 degrees.

Broilers sensitive to lack of oxygen, so the ventilation equipment, which is installed in the henhouse, should ensure a constant supply of air.Otherwise, broilers can begin pathological changes, and in severe cases - pulmonary edema.

How to feed broiler chickens?

To succeed in the cultivation of a bird, you must know how to properly feed the broiler.The diet should be high-grade.In the early days of his life to feed as well as chicken and egg breed.We need to give broiler cottage cheese, millet, oats and crushed wheat.All cereals must be free of films and about 65% of the diet of chickens.

three-day age chickens need to feed grain feed.In summer mash add chopped fresh herbs (6 g per chicken), and in the fall and winter - grass meal (3 g per broiler).Do not forget about the red carrot, it is indispensable in the diet of broiler chickens.With the five-day of age can be added to the mash in the form of crushed, 4 g per chicken.

deserve special attention and nine-broilers.How to feed them at this age?The diet should be expanded.Fish waste can be administered at 6 grams per chick, and then you can add and vegetable protein feed.

To the birds were healthy, you need to know how to feed broiler chickens from 20 days of age.Their diet is added to the potatoes.Before serving, it must boil and grind.Dairy products are also important: whey, yogurt and cottage cheese.

Vitamin and mineral food

studying how to feed daily broiler, do not forget about vitamins and minerals.To the birds were productive, since 5 days of their life must be entered vitamins A and E, and then gradually add others.

The diet must be mineral feed.They also introduced a five-day age.These include shells, chalk, bone meal.The amount should be about 3 grams per day per broiler.

What do I need to do to not suffer from problems with digesting food broiler chickens?How to feed them?How to care?To protect chickens from gastric diseases need to drink them with a solution of potassium permanganate.It is important that he was always freshly prepared.Feeders need to be equipped with fine gravel and change it about 1 time per week.

How many times to feed the chickens?

During the first weeks of life, the bird should be fed 8 times.During the second week, the number of meals to be reduced to 6 times.When the bird turns 1 month, it is necessary to translate it into two meals.Food should not be stored for more than 2 hours, and the amount must be calculated so that the broilers ate no longer than 40 minutes.

2 weeks before the moment when the planned slaughter of birds from the diet is necessary to remove the gravel and any medications.If care is according to the rules, the average weight of the chicken in the months of age will be about 600

Drinking regime

All birds must be cleaned and warm water.Feeders and drinkers should be cleaned regularly, and make sure that they are highlighted.Every few days a chicken coop should do a thorough cleaning.

prevention of gastric diseases

One of the main measures that protect the bird from various diseases is timely cleaning of the room.Adjacent territories must also be disinfected.Before podselyat broilers, take measures for the destruction of harmful insects, the bunker is treated with formalin.

Since the digestive system daily bird is not sufficiently developed, it needs special care.If broilers diarrhea, make sure that bedding material is warm enough.Otherwise, the contents of the yolk sac will not be able to fully resolve, causing diarrhea in poultry.

In those situations where the chicken inadvertently ate a low-quality feed, it is necessary to give enterosorbent.When broilers diarrhea medication dose is about 1 kg per 1 tonne of feed for 10 days.This will leave the toxins from the intestine.

ehsherihioza in broilers

bird is exposed to various diseases, but ehsherihioza occurs most often.It becomes the cause of the high mortality of birds.To a greater extent this applies to chickens, the immune system which is weakened due to various reasons.

ehsherihioza is the result of improper care of the bird, unsanitary conditions and poor ventilation.Sick broilers wheezing, coughing and a little move.As a rule, they have completely lost your appetite.The percentage of mortality in this disease is quite high because ehsherihioza can cause huge financial losses.To avoid this, you must take care of the bird properly.

But broilers may wheeze and because of the common cold.If the disease is not running, it will be enough to put the bird in a warm and give a course of vitamins.To exclude serious diseases, at the slightest suspicion of sickness it is advisable to show the chicken to the vet.

Chicken falls to his feet

Sometimes it happens that broiler chickens sit on their feet.This may be due to various reasons.Most of these problems are related to unbalanced nutrition and metabolic disorders, as well as sedentary.

Birds can be observed lack of energy, and they fall on their feet.As treatment can be applied a strict diet, leaving only the ration feed and water.The food must be added vitamins, which will give the bird its forces and strengthen the immune system.This phenomenon can be caused by rickets, so you should enter the vitamin D. Vitamin should be varied, but in limited quantities to avoid hypervitaminosis.

What steps to take to be healthy broiler chickens?How to feed, drink, take care of them, you must not only know, but also to comply with these rules in practice.

Why die broiler chickens?How to avoid it?

  • One of the reasons why the chicks die, is the desire of unscrupulous sellers make more money.They initially know that chicken is unhealthy, but still put it up for sale.
  • second most common cause of infectious diseases are considered.The bird can get dirty in the henhouse, or as a result of the use of low-quality food.
  • The room should be well ventilated, water is necessary to pour in enough, clean and warm.
  • If broilers little exercise, you need to enter in their diet fodder yeast and bone meal.

Naturally, we do not have listed all the reasons why the chicks die.Any deviation from the norm should consult with a specialist, it will help save lives chick.To have a good growing broiler chickens, care, feeding, and treatment should be carried out with great responsibility and in a timely manner.