Why dream of broken glass?

no secret that in dreams a person can prividetsya all.The most incredible thing in the night "cinema" may well become a reality.No surprise, and the broken glass in a dream.In principle, this is not the most unusual of what happens in the night to see dreams.And this is what dreams broken glass?In this we are today, and try to understand.


To see the broken glass in his sleep, in terms of psychologists, can mean either the elimination of any obstacles or try to escape from the vicious circle of life's problems.If a person dreams that he breaks a window, glass wall or door and breaks out, it indicates that you need to pay attention to your inner world.Perhaps unconsciously such a person is constantly plagued by some problems and unresolved issues.

if in a dream, he got out of the glass room with virtually no loss - no cuts, scratches, serious wounds - it marks, as in real life, in the end manages to overcome all obstacles, to get rid of inner torment.If a person sees himself in a drea

m bloody, cut - this means that the problems have not been solved, and we must work hard on yourself, to understand what negative mental setup interfere feel comfortable and try to replace them with positive.It is necessary to think about why it is impossible to relax and live in harmony with themselves and with others, and to eliminate the causes that do not give to do it.

East sonnik

And what dreams shattered glass ET Dream book?If it is under your feet - so in the real world should be alert and to perform any act with great caution.If a man dreams that he is walking barefoot on glass - which means the deal, which he wants to make, or an enterprise in which he was going to start, it is a gamble.

It is likely later come to regret what he had done.If a man had a dream that he comes on the glass, and then under his feet crumbled into tiny particles - this marks the wrong decision;He says the lost a rare chance and the possibility to return everything and start over no longer be presented.

Slavic dream book

According to the dream book, to dream the broken glass - wake-up call.So, if you dream of a house in which all or most of the broken windows - is to correct the mistakes of others.You may have to alter someone else's work.And what dreams shattered glass?

For people who are husband and wife, it could mean the collapse of the family.There is a possibility that happen to build a new relationship.In general, cracked or have scattered into small pieces of glass in a dream indicates broken illusions lost harmony and a sense of uncertainty and insecurity.

This dream can speak and that person should be careful and prudent in their actions, that all the efforts did not go to pieces.But if you dream that was cut glass, it is, oddly enough, to success.Conceived be able to work one hundred percent, people will express their enthusiasm and praise the results of labor.

What dreams shattered glass on Dream Interpretation Medea?

This dream means that the balance began to reign in a person's life is fragile, and that's enough one wrong word or careless action to destroy it.

About what dream that broken glass, dream interpretation Hasse says the following.If your dream man trying to collect flown apart into pieces glass, this indicates that it hopes to regain their lost in vain, and to no good will not result.It is not necessary to live with an eye to the past.It is necessary to focus on creating something new, rather than wasting time in fruitless attempts to revive something that has long sunk into oblivion.It is worth paying attention to those simple pleasures that each new day brings.

And what dreams shattered glass on the esoteric dream book?Any chipped, chipped or broken glass contraption in a dream he interprets as an obstacle standing in the way of man.They need to be in whatever was overcome.However, it is not necessary, going to his goal, to break and demolish everything, it is better to try to intelligently circumvent obstacles party.

In accordance with the modern dream book beautiful, multi-colored pieces of glass, as well as colorful mosaic in a dream means a fateful encounter that can change the future and turn the world upside down.If these colored pieces, as in a kaleidoscope, add up to a wonderful patterns, it promises extraordinary luck and a decent way out of any situation.

In Dream Interpretation Wanderer, if a person in a dream breaks the glass wall, fence or other obstacle, which means that soon his secret dream come true, turns secret desire or live up to someone hope.

What dream that shattered the glass woman?

This dream foretells deceit, slander or discussion behind.With this long experience will be linked.

According to the Mayan Dream book, broken glass in the dream is shattered dreams.At the same time it offers a pretty funny "insurance" of the problem: that the dream is not filled, it should be on a piece of glass melted wax to draw a circle and hide it in a dark place until the first rain.True, what to do with a piece of glass after rain minёt, dream interpretation does not specify.Perhaps you can throw it away - most likely during this time the glass had time fulfill its function, and protection against the collapse of hopes.

Nobles Nobles

dream interpretation dream interpretation also states that see the broken glass figurines, vases and other things not very large - to dangerous situations on the road.When driving, it is necessary to be extremely cautious and careful.If in a dream dreamed dull, cracked glass, through a person looks on the street - it means that the begun business, who gave a lot of effort, time and energy, will end in failure.Also dull dirty glass indicates that a loved one is unstable, and perhaps even incorrect.

In accordance with the dream book of health, to dream a lot of small glass splinters - to what will soon remind myself old ties that once a person injured or are still pretty painful.Dream book warns that it is not necessary to go back to the past, it is no good promises.If the dream dreamed broken stained-glass panel, this means that on the way to the target person is sprayed into small, unnecessary actions;it needs to focus on.If you dream of broken glass dreamed sick, it threatens the deterioration of his condition.

Female Female sonnik

same dream book assures that break the glass in the night dream means to ward off misfortune.See crushed glass in a dream - to safety.Glittering shards of the sun signify good luck, good fortune and happiness.If the dream suddenly shattered glass in his mouth - which means that in life there will come a poor period.It may be a disease, trouble at work or failure in personal relationships.If a person in a dream voluntarily eat broken glass - he is diffident personality, and this prevents him to achieve your goals.

These are different interpretations ... We wish that all dreams have promised you only the good event!