The labor contract - is the foundation of understanding between employer and employee

employment contract - an agreement between the employee and the employer, which regulates their relationship.A typical document is based on the norms of the labor law of the Russian Federation.First of all it concerns the category, which is a self-employed workers.

employment contract - a document that can be individually and collectively.He is perpetually or for a specified period.An individual called the agreement signed, on the one hand, the head of the company, on the other - the employee.This form sets out the terms of the contract, provided that the person to perform his direct duties.First of all, the duration and schedule of work assigned salary, provision of social benefits (paid vacation and sick leave), the probability of fare to the place of work and back, the payment or provision of hot food dinner.

In our country, there is a practice where the employer "shows" only the minimum wage for the region.Since it paid taxes, pension contributions, social insurance and so on.Upon the employee

receives many times more.But in the event of any labor disputes person can only rely on the payments stipulated in the contract.It also affects the payment of vacation and sick leave.And in the future it will affect the amount of pension.

collective agreement - an agreement between the administration and staff of the enterprise.This document regulates the general issues to provide appropriate working conditions, payment of certain services.The collective agreement spells out the payment of night shifts and overtime hours, the size of the premium and the conditions under which workers can get them.Labour collective agreement between the employer and signed by the general meeting.To collective contract gained legal force, it must be signed by most of the staff.

Unlimited employment contract - a contract between employer and employee, taken at a fixed place of work.For the working person, this means that he is under the protection of labor law, as in Russia, it is possible.The employer must create the conditions for successful work, on time and in full to pay wages.Under current Russian law today, wages are paid twice a month.It is considered a serious violation, if the employer delays wages for more than two weeks.

term employment contract - an agreement between the employer and the employee, recruited temporarily.This is the most unfavorable conditions.So as a person can be fired at any time, if the contract has no specific expiration date.There can be problems with the payment of sick leave, vacation, in this case is not provided at all.

employment contract - a document, which in our country is formally accepted.And no one thinks about the fact that the opportunity to make it applicable only depends on themselves and the employees of an enterprise.