Which vitamin in garlic?

more than five thousand years people apply garlic not only as a condiment, but also as a component of alternative medicine products.Does that surprise you?Let's see what useful garlic, and what vitamins it contains.

basic qualities of garlic

First of all, the garlic - a natural natural antibiotic.The substance allicin, which is part of this vegetable, many great fights viruses and bacteria.It is for this reason that in ancient times, garlic was used during various wars and plague for disinfecting wounds and treat colds.

So what vitamin garlic provides such properties?First of all, it must be said of such microelements as selenium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium and calcium.To get a therapeutic effect, it is enough to use only a few cloves of garlic.This product contains hydrogen sulfide.Scientists from the US have found that the substance is a positive effect on the heart muscle.It removes the hydrogen sulfide in a spasm of blood vessels, thus preventing the development of heart attacks and stroke

s.It should be remembered that it is a volatile substance and is present in the product for long.That is why the product is best eaten fresh.

Where use garlic garlic

often used as a seasoning for meat, vegetable dishes and salads.He even added to the marinade.However, few of us know how much and what kind of vitamins contained in garlic.This product should be put at the end of cooking so that it did not lose its beneficial properties.Most often, such a seasoning used in Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine.Of course, use more garlic in folk medicine for the manufacture of drugs and cosmetics in various masks.

What vitamins are part of the garlic

So, what vitamin is found in garlic?I think if you're reading this, then you are interested.It is important to know not a vitamin garlic generally available and which are main.

above has been said about allicin.Of course, it is not a vitamin in nature.After all, it is formed as a result of cell destruction product.Its predecessor is alliin, which is contained in the cytoplasm, and allitsinaz - in the vacuole.Besides allicin is an unstable substance.In one clove of garlic it is very small.That's why to get the daily requirement of this component, you need to eat a lot of seasoning.In one clove contains only 1 mcg of allicin.

Other vitamins in the composition of garlic

Which vitamin in garlic is the most important, we have responded.However, there are other, including:

  1. Carotene.This element is responsible for the vision, as well as for the state of mucous membranes of the human body.
  2. Ascorbic acid.This vitamin is known to all.After all, it increases the body's resistance to infections.In addition, the component has tonic properties.
  3. avoid ugly "stars" on the skin helps the garlic.Which contains vitamin product?Element R. It should be noted that this vitamin strengthens the capillaries.
  4. Also in the garlic are the vitamins of group B. Their main function - is to take care of our nervous system.It is worth remembering that the lack of them entails the development of severe depression, as well as a permanent bad mood.

course, there are other beneficial substances in garlic.But these - the most useful.And the product of these elements contains the most.


Do you know why it helps against vampires garlic?Which contains vitamin this seasoning?The first sign of blood-sucking creatures - it's too pale skin, sudden and severe weight loss, fatigue and sleepiness in the daytime.It should be noted that similar symptoms in humans when infected by the parasite.Helping them cope with the garlic.I only wish other genetic blood diseases they do not heal.

benefits of garlic

on which vitamin is found in garlic, depend useful properties of the seasoning: strengthening vessels, support the cardiovascular system as a whole.In the latter case, do not recommend to start taking garlic in large quantities at once, if the agencies themselves are weak initially.It is better to eat a little, starting on clove per day.

course, this wonderful spice fights viral infections and strengthens the immune system.However, to use it in this case can only be fresh, as heat treatment deprives the product useful qualities.Another option - pickled garlic.Most of the vitamins in it is preserved.

worth remembering that garlic has diuretic properties.This is a sure sign that a product has a positive effect on the genitourinary system.Also at the use of garlic digestion of carbohydrates and fats proceeds much faster and better.But it is worth remembering that if you have some gastrointestinal problems should be careful to use the seasoning, as the product is quite sharp.

Garlic and men's health

Garlic contains such substances, which increase the potency.Apply the product for such purposes should be regularly.As a result, the cumulative effect is triggered.This will allow the day when the meeting should take place with the chosen one, taking garlic with peace of mind to miss.

Garlic for the fairer sex

Garlic is also useful for women.Indeed, in its composition it is natural antioxidants that can slow the aging process of the whole body, while making the skin more radiant.It should be noted that the production of a seasoning normalizes female hormone which affects the passage of menses.It is this product will help to solve the problem with the cycle and forget about visiting the doctor for a long time.

In conclusion

Now you know what a vitamin found in garlic and protects the body from many problems.It should be noted that this product was used in ancient times, when there is a viral infection.If health allows you to eat garlic, do not neglect it.This product can improve your health.The main thing is to comply with all the rules of cooking with this seasoning to keep its useful properties.