What questions to ask a guy to know him better?

real panacea for full-fledged relations with a man is a genuine interest in his life and the division of interests.In this situation, the lovers will always be a topic of conversation, the couple will tend to hold together the maximum amount of time.This factor strongly integrates and promotes the development of a young person of confidence.Because of this most of the girls right after acquaintances begin to wonder what a guy should ask questions to better know him.

First, we should remember that this communication involves a genuine interest in the man.Regardless of what will be asked questions to learn more about Man, is to behave honestly.In this case, communication will shape the most successful way.

What issues interest you Man when meeting?

Do not use memorized phrases such as "how are you".These issues are formal and boring.They show politeness girls, but not her interest and participation.However, if she wants to take over the location and trust the person they need to learn what questio

ns to ask the guy at better acquaintance.The most successful are considered to be the topic of hobbies and interests.Instead, "what are you doing in your spare time" better to ask: "Do you have a hobby?", "Have you heard / seen anything unusual?" As education common ground and interests no longer needed in cribs for dialogue as a conversationbegins to take shape itself.People with common goals and passions become extremely comfortable to communicate with each other.

what to ask your loved one?

There are certain tips on the topic of how to communicate with her man.What questions like guys?The first thing to remember is that when dealing with his half need to be myself.No need to try some role play to the audience.It is recommended to be frank and open.Favorite people definitely feel it will be respected for naturalness.You can ask the most basic questions a guy on general topics.However, you should remember the forbidden areas.It is not necessary to have conversations with your loved ones on the subject of his former relationship and the girls for a long time to tell him about your troubles, and question him about the money.Any man tends to be strong, to find an independent decision to exit from difficult situations.In this regard, it is not necessary once again to remind him about the problems.

How do you know a person through social networks

of today use the Internet not only to the younger generation, but also older people.With the help of social networks can be how to maintain old friendships and connections and make new.As a result, a huge number of sites for singles.A man on his page he tells about himself, to publish an appropriate mood status, add a photo.However, despite the apparent ease to "read" a person via the Internet fairly easy.In this situation, what questions to ask a guy to know him better?

more likely to be successful theme of study.In order to avoid unnecessary suspicion should write the new one looks like an old friend, who is studying in another city.Continue the conversation should be through dialogue about hobbies.To do this would be useful to know what questions are interesting guys.The most successful are these: "What sports do you like?", "What kind of movies or transfer you prefer?", "What kind of music do you like?ยป

bravest girl may be the first to ask about plans for the weekend.As an alternative is to use the question of its relation to communication in social networks and the prospects for further development of sympathy.You can ask about whether he had experience of such meetings, and if so, what happened in the end.Well, if we can find out how many friends he had and what he plans to build a future life.

tricky questions

How to show your wit and intuition?To show the immediacy of guy, you can ask: "What do you think, who should be the main thing in a relationship?" If it is already open topic of marriage should ask how he is the girl of his dreams.However, in its desire to question the guy to know him better, it is important not to overdo it.At high pressure, he may think that she tries to ohomutat.In this case, communication will come to naught, and the young man will go in search of a more sociable young lady.It is therefore necessary to select the tone that no non-binding, and such issues are best set in the form of jokes.The answers to them will be interested to hear.However, the patience, you can see everything in the process of further relations.Time will tell how beloved prefers to behave: to command or wait for the initiative from its second half.

Success questions

Psychologists say that one of the fundamental factors of family happiness, mutual understanding is the coincidence of political views.The researchers concluded that about half of marriages break up because of opposing views on the tactics of the authorities.In order to know the views of the young person, you can ask what policies it supports.This topic is always open long discussion.Nevertheless, the policy debate will be a pleasant, if the person - a relatively calm and quick-tempered people.Otherwise innocuous question risks grow into a big fight and mutual insults.This will have a negative impact on future relations.

interest in his personal life

you already knew what questions to ask a guy to know him better.But in its quest to satisfy their own curiosity, some are trying to cross the line the private life of the person they want.An example is the question of how many women had the second half until recently.It is possible that a young man will show reciprocal interest.You should know that if on the third day of our acquaintance to ask about this guy, he can take it as a faux pas.If you still tormented by a strong curiosity, you must wait for a period of trust in a relationship before asking about such.

Romance questions

If a couple fluent on the subject of love, that's fine.You can ask any questions of the guy to know him better.The most optimal are considered: "What do you think, what is love?", "Are you a faithful man?", "What are you ready for its second half?"During the conversation, do not need to be too intrusive.Avoid discussion of unpleasant moments from the past.After the man finished talking, you can share something fun and unusual of his life.

Future plans

Sure, life goals says a lot about the man himself.To get closer and put his impression of a guy, you can ask what he wants and what are your plans for the future building.If a young person is willing to share its objectives, it should be sincere praise his ideas and dreams.

interesting question guy

To maintain a conversation, you can ask about everyday.In this case, the conversation did not turn out so interesting.If you want to add flavor to the dialogue, you can ask a guy questions like "Would you like one day to become a woman", "what would you have done in the first place, if it happened."

may also want to ask about his attitude to fashion: "Do you think a man should look stylish?A perfect woman? "You can also find out about his self-esteem and self-confidence:" Would you like to change something about your appearance?If so, what is it? "Many will say to a young man answers to questions about whether there are his enemies, and what has caused their appearance.Here are some interesting questions: "Do not scare if you thought about aging?", "What is your attitude to old age?", "Is you ever yourself on a desert island?", "With whom would you like to be there?" "What would be undertaken to survive there? "

What is not worth asking

There are certain taboos when dealing with a young man.These include questions such as "do you love me", "you've missed."Men do not like the recognition, so the other half could react negatively to a seemingly innocuous question.Forbidden are also topics assess appearance.Questions: "I recovered?", "Do you like my hair?", "How do you like my dress?"- Put the young man in a difficult position.The reason is that the male brain is programmed to notice such trifles.A strong half of humanity there are more important things, so that women seem significant, they are considered as utter nonsense.