Competitiveness of the goods

In today's world, a stable position in the market of goods and services of any enterprise depends on the level of competitiveness.Competitiveness of the goods - a level of technical, economic and operational parameters allowing to compete (competitive) market with other similar products.In other words, the ability of a product conform to the requirements of the market at a particular time period compared to similar competitors.

Competitiveness of the goods formed by the establishment, support and maintain a certain level of competitiveness at all stages of its existence: from the early stages of its creation to promotion to the consumer.The evaluation of the competitiveness of conduct such subjects as suppliers, consumers and experts.

On the competitiveness of affecting factors that not only contribute to the sustainable production, but also the organization of highly competitive products on the market.These factors can be divided into three groups:

· The level of quality of the goods;

· The price of the goods produced;

· Provision of service, various kinds of free services, etc.

Along with the competitiveness of an important role in the development of any modern enterprise is the quality of products.Quality is understood as a set of characteristics and properties of the product (or any other object), giving it the ability to meet the expected and the resulting needs.It should be noted that the quality and competitiveness of products - these are two closely related concepts.And then, and another is a means of assessing the outcomes of labor, including its usefulness.Common to the two concepts is the fact that they represent the dynamic characteristics of the goods, which are constantly changing due to the development of technological progress and societal needs.But even despite this, fully identify these concepts are not necessary, as the competitiveness of the goods is still determined by the totality of only those properties that are useful (interesting) to the buyer and ensure the satisfaction of all needs.The rest of the product characteristics, which go beyond the designated interest, have no relation to the evaluation of the competitiveness.

In recent times you can hear that the high income consumer segment can be obtained if the competitiveness of the goods will be enhanced by improving its quality.Indeed, such a move is justified producers, besides it will contribute to social progress.

should pay attention to the fact that there are competitive and dynamic category, depending on the market situation, the nature of the needs and changes of service conditions, solvency demand, etc.For quality goods may become less competitive in the event that it significantly increase the price of goods at the expense of granting such properties, which do not cause a significant customer interest.Therefore, to avoid a decrease in production volumes and, accordingly, and profits, businesses must often decide to lower prices for quality goods or enter various conditions that will allow the consumer to make a purchase in favor of the product.

Thus, to improve the economic stability and the efficiency of the enterprise, it is necessary to pay more attention to product quality, as it is, it allows the production and promotion of competitive products.