How to sell a stake in an apartment in accordance with the law

How to sell a stake in an apartment?This issue is primarily interested in those who own property together with the other owners.And there it is, when you need to increase your living space.As with minimum losses to issue such a deal?

Who needs to learn how to sell the property as a whole, they know almost everything.But what if your property only part of the premises?This is difficult because it is impossible to separate one room from another apartment in the literal sense.

often about how to sell a stake in an apartment, think couples divorce.After all, their main assets acquired together - this property.This situation is similar to when an apartment of a deceased relative will inherit several people.And everyone has a special paper that confirms his ownership.According to her, they could do with a share of apartments anything.

Select a share and publicize

Before you sell his share in the apartment, it is necessary to renew the ownership of the joint in an equity.If you speak the language o

f lawyers, the "highlight the share in kind".As a rule, all owners are the same.

Once this procedure is passed, the owner sets the price of its share offering to buy out the rest of the property owners.Determine its response, they should within a month.If after this period no offers from your neighbors is not received, you can sell a share of any other person.Thus it is better draw up a written appeal.

That was then, and could be in trouble.The fact that the owners of pre-emptive right to regard as a kind of permission to sell shares.And, for example, lost, not to receive a written notice.But without official refusal to sell his part of the apartment you can not.

How to sell a stake in an apartment across the court

If you still one of the co-owners persistently hidden from you, you need to attract a notary public.It will send a written notice.Well, then you can go to court.The law provides that if a location can not be used together, then the owner at the share buyback may require the owner more.A relevant option for those who own shares in a studio room.After the court case is likely to be decided in your favor.

And if you give?

How to sell a stake in the privatized apartment if the owner continues to bear against the other, and to resolve the case through the courts should not be?In this case, you can make a donation contract share.According to the law, for such a transaction does not require the consent of the other owners.

But in this embodiment, there is one drawback.After the deal is not legally corresponds to its essence.That is, if the buyer has paid for a share is not fully, or not pay at all, you can not show him anything.Legal proof will be.After the donation contract does not provide for payment.

In any case, the answer to the question "how to sell a stake in an apartment," depends on a number of details: the owners of real estate and their relationship to you, as well as the size of the share.