Tax amnesty for the transportation tax , when applicable , benefits for disabled people under the transport tax , the basic rate of vehicle tax

Currently, the base rate of vehicle tax charged from 1000 rubles.What determines the amount of money paid to the Treasury?More often than not taken into account the power of the motor car and the region in which the car is registered.There are many sites, so-called calculators that help motorists learn estimated future tax on transport.

Due to the fact that the tax on vehicles is not very large, the tax office not carefully monitors the facts of non-payment and does not punish defaulters.Because of that, many decades of travel in cars without paying vehicle tax.The fact that the purchase and sale of cars do not need a receipt confirming payment of the mandatory contribution to the state budget, so many car owners successfully use it.As a result, Russian motorists should tax authorities appeared several billion rubles.And so in 2009 for the first time it passed a law that cancels some debts to the state treasury.Otherwise, it means that the tax amnesty has been established for the transportation tax.Ho

wever, this does not mean that this kind of collection of money from motorists has been canceled.On the contrary, it continues to operate.But she had a tax amnesty for the transportation tax simply means that the owner of the car, do not pay the tax, after a certain period will no longer be enrolled in arrears inspection.And he was appointed term.Thus, a tax amnesty for the transportation tax effective from the moment that will pass the full 3 years from the day of payment.

how to punish those who do not pay the transport tax, and who does not apply the tax amnesty for the transportation tax?These people pay the fine, in some cases, they and the vehicle prohibits departure from the country.However, the latter punishment is rarely used.By the way, it has been adopted not only tax amnesty for the transportation tax, but decided a few other very important points that relate to vehicles and their owners.

most important of these is the question of benefits for the transport tax.Thus, the right to reduce the amount of contributions to the treasury received pensioners, disabled people and parents who have three or more children.Benefits for the disabled on transportation tax has become particularly significant.If the car has a disabled possibility of the engine from 100 to 150 horsepower, it can not pay the tax for vehicles.By paying this fee and exempt all the drivers, cars that have the power of the engine is less than 100 horsepower.

As you can see, even if the tax amnesty for the transportation tax will not come soon, you can easily solve the problem of taxes.The first way - is to re-register the car on his parents - retired or disabled.Then I do not have to pay tax.The second way - to sell the car and buy a new - with an engine power is less than 100 horsepower.Sometimes you can find honest ways to avoid paying tax.If both choices do not suit you, it is better to honestly pay a fee to the Treasury for transport.Maybe if all motorists were also decent on this issue, the problem of Russian roads would be exhausted.

When choosing a car you need to understand that the price you pay for your purchase will not be the last monetary costs associated with it.Remember insurance payments and taxes, try to calculate the approximate amount of their website with the help of a calculator, decide with the engine power - the more it horsepower, the higher the tax rate.So choose the engine, for which the tax is within your power!