Dzerzhinsk, Belarus: history and attractions

Dzerzhinsk (Belarus) is known to all as a small town in the vicinity of the capital.Few people know the history of this town, its importance.Few know about the past of this place.


Now the city of Dzerzhinsk (Belarus) - a small provincial town on the outskirts of Minsk.The population is just over 25 thousand inhabitants.Its location - Minsk hill (at the intersection of the Dnieper river basins and Neman).The town is situated on the territory of Belarus, the highest point - on Mount Dzerzhinsk.Coordinates: 53 degrees and 41 minutes north latitude and 27 degrees 8 minutes east longitude.222720 - index Dzerzhinsk (Belarus).

history of the town

city's history goes back thousands of years.About this there is evidence of numerous archeological finds, monuments and cemeteries.In the district a large number of burial mounds, settlements and Villages.

Since ancient times, Dzerzhinsk (Belarus) was known Krutogorye.The first mention of the town belongs to 1146.In the ancient church, which was la

ter burned down, it was an icon depicting Krutogorye and the date.About this there is evidence in the book of the famous ethnographer Shpilevsky.

Until 1483 Dzerzhinsk passed from hand to hand, from one ruler to another.They change your country and the rulers, and the city remained.It was under Krutogorye army was defeated Tatar Khan Koidan.First Krutogorye was part of the Principality of Polotsk, and after the collapse and death of his Vsyaslava Sorcerer town went to the Principality of Minsk.This happened in the 11th century, and in the 13th century BC Dzerzhinsk joined the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.In 1445, at the behest of the King of Poland and Duke of Lithuania, a number of cities, including Krutogorye, were donated to the Michael Eh-, their cousin.During this period, the town received a new name.

name Koydanovo Dzerzhinsk (Belarus) was in honor of the local blacksmith who was called koydanami.Gore, which founded the city, let's at all times good ore.A blacksmith products from this ore renowned throughout Kievan Rus, especially weapons.

Since 1483 Koydanovo is under the jurisdiction of Basil Verey and come in possession of the great-grandson of Dmitry Donskoy.From 1550 to 1831 it belonged to the family of the Radziwill family Koydanovo.At that time, the town became settle, grow.There were erected:

  • Calvinist cathedral.
  • Hospital.
  • School.

Alas, the cathedral was destroyed by wars and time.In the war with Napoleon under Dzerzhinsky major battle took place, where French troops were defeated - Russian won.

known Dzerzhinsk (Belarus) the fact that it was born there "Iron" Felix.In honor of this event in the city of the future, in 1932, it was renamed.The township Koydanovo was given the status of the city and the present name.

Landmarks and memorials

City Dzerzhinsk (Belarus) has a number of attractions that any tourist would be interested in visiting.

Gashtoldova mountain.Mound.That's where the foundation of the city.It was incorporated ancient city, where he built a Calvinist cathedral.He preserved only in drawings and photographs of drawings, as in the 30s of the last century it was dismantled for the construction of the district hospital.Now it is a symbolic place in the form of a hill with a plaque and the remains of walls and one of the nine towers.

Manor Czapski.The historical value of it lies in the peculiarities of the structure, which was built in medieval style as a knight's castle.The estate has a collection of paintings and objects of numismatics.

Church of St. Anne.With this structure began Koydanovo history.The temple is built of wood, so is constantly being rebuilt and restored.On the territory of the church is divided real garden with altars, beds, benches and statues.

Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin.Historic building with real salaries and ancient icons.They kept the ancient shrine.

Crypt Protestant church.He bricked up, as there is a legend that when the Bolsheviks tried to destroy the tomb and the sanctuary of the temple, they were met by an angry army of skeletons from the Crypt.Then walled crypt.

Dzerzhinsk is worth a visit.Good location.Comfortable hotel Westa, located in an ecologically clean area of ​​the city.The friendly residents.And the possibility of touching stories.