Maps Maestro - an optimal combination of cost and functionality

Plastic cards have now become a mandatory attribute in the pocket of every modern man and are, in fact, the second purse.Someone there are several (and credit and debit), some costs and one.In any case, this instrument payment and storage of funds is very easy to use and has many advantages over cash.If your basic financial transactions - cash withdrawals and payment of any purchases, accounts in cafes and so on., The best solution is Maestro - card entry-level payment system Master Card.This is one of the most accessible and inexpensive to maintain (and sometimes free) types of plastic.This functional card is quite sufficient for its comfortable use.

Making Maestro card may already be 14 years of age.This is useful, for example, to allocate funds for the children pocket money.You put a certain amount which it considers necessary for your child's account, and he removes them if necessary (or pays to the cinema, cafe, shop).So gradually developing financial literacy, and a growing person learns to us

e money and other means of payment.

often Maestro card used by organizations as a salary.Their service is less expensive than the category Standart, for example, and virtually the same functionality:

  • cash withdrawals at ATMs (including in other countries);
  • payment card accounts in shops, restaurants, etc .;
  • settlements and payments on the Internet;
  • design possibilities of additional cards for the same account;
  • use of additional bank services (sms-information, Internet banking, etc..).

Cash Maestro card is only possible after passing the authorization procedure, which guarantees the safety of your money and protecting them from access to bank fraud.In addition, it can be equipped with a chip (additional "insurance") or only magnetic stripe.It happens as the embossed (as priority), or not.

Worldwide cards Maestro, or Electron as a payment system Visa, are the most common universal means of payment and settlement.They are optimal in terms of price / package of services and easy to use.The level of reliability of the data card is not worse than other categories of plastic.

Maestro cards often offered as a gift when you make a consumer credit in the store, for example.They can be used for any shares, allowing accumulate holders bonuses for completion of transactions and receive capabilities, exchanging points for purchases, services, tickets and so on. In addition, it is this category of cards are usually issued to students, post-graduate students to obtain scholarships, pensionersand beneficiaries for the transfer of pensions and social benefits.

cards Maestro, like all others, can be opened in rubles, dollars or euros for a more convenient and profitable to use them not only in our country but also abroad.Despite the fact that the plastic is the most accessible and cheap, and the functional level of protection it is not being left behind, as the Bank offers its customers an optimal combination of opportunities in financial transactions service and reasonable price.