Nurse - sore breasts: what to do

Every mother, apply for the first time to the chest own newborn baby, is experiencing a storm of emotions.After all, this little man, who had just come into the world, is its continuation.Now, almost every woman knows about the undeniable benefits of breastfeeding and want to feed your baby as long as possible.

Why is it often happens that a young mother starts feeding instead of the joy of experiencing unpleasant emotions?Unfortunately, the woman sometimes feels just unbearable chest pain.Nursing mothers is very difficult to cope with this problem itself, but she does not know who to contact for help.Quite often, this leads to the fact that a woman decides to completely abandon breastfeeding.

on parenting forums where young mothers communicate on various topics, such complaints are not uncommon.Many women faced with this problem, they write, "nurse - sore breasts, advise something."Sometimes a woman does not even know that with your problem you can contact a specialist - consultant on breastfeed

ing.Consultant GW not only explain why breast pain, breast-feeding also learn how to deal with this problem and how to avoid similar troubles in the future.First of all, every woman should remember the main thing: breastfeeding - a natural process, which in any case should not cause pain and negative emotions.

So, look at the reasons many of the problems of mothers, for whom the phrase "nurse" - "chest pain" have become synonymous.In fact, the reasons may be different, let's understand the basic.

nurse - a sore chest causes of the problem and methods of struggle

  1. first pain a woman may experience immediately after birth.Unfortunately, not all hospitals can help my mother, showing in practice how to put the baby to the breast.But it depends on the correct capture of whether injured nipple during feedings.The child must capture not just the nipple, but the areola around it.If at first the baby could not grab the chest correctly, do not let him suck in a similar way.Gently collect it at the child - to do this, insert your little finger into the corner of baby's mouth and gums unclench.Then again try to put the baby to the breast, if he can not, then give him a little squeezing the areola around the nipple with your fingers and guiding it into her mouth crumbs.
  2. Pain experienced by many women 2-3 days after birth when the milk begins to arrive.The mammary gland can become hard and hot, and some may even have a fever.This is due to the filling of milk ducts and lobes in the breast.If your child is unable to cope with the volume of milk, it is necessary to express her chest to gently condition, check carefully not to leave any lumps or clumps.This can be done manually or using a breast pump, and you can ask for help hospital workers, who know how to express milk properly.In no case do not leave without attention to this problem, otherwise you risk to make lactostasis or mastitis.
  3. If you still lactostasis (blockage of milk ducts) could not be avoided, it is necessary to proceed as follows.Put your baby as often as possible to the patient breast during feeding, choose a position in which the baby's chin is directed towards stagnation.If the child can not cope, then decant the breast before feeding and then empty let's hungry baby.In addition, before feeding to a place of stagnation, you can make a warm compress and gently massage the sick gland.
  4. If nipple cracks, then to treat them using special ointments that are sold in pharmacies.Remember that cracked nipples - a gateway for infection, and if the fracture is not treated, a nursing mother runs the risk of mastitis - inflammation of the mammary glands.At the first sign of mastitis (pain, high fever) should consult a doctor - a gynecologist or surgeon.

If you're doing the right thing, the phrase "nurse" - "chest pain" will be for you to have nothing to do, and breastfeeding, and will deliver you and your crumbs real pleasure.