Integrated Marketing Communications

Integrated Marketing Communications is a concept of marketing communications planning, which is based on the need to assess the role of individual trends in the overall strategy (advertising, public relations, sales promotion, etc.), as well as finding the best combination that can provide clarity, consistencyand the effectiveness of the impact of communication programs using a consistent association of individual complaints.

Integrated Marketing Communication involves the following interrelated problems:

1. Creation of a unified messaging system using a variety of marketing communications tools that do not contradict each other and co-ordinate with each other, establishing a single best way communicator.

2. Integrated marketing communications are subject to a common goal - maximize the effectiveness of marketing communications by finding the most successful combination of synthetic assets and marketing communications, as well as individual tools and techniques specific funds.

Integrated Marketing Communications in the system are complex promotion.This set contains the following forms of marketing communications:

1. Advertising, is a paid form of dissemination of information from the customer, aimed at consumers;

2. Advocacy, representing an increase in demand due to the spread of outsiders important commercial information in print media, on television or radio;

3. Sales promotion in the form of short-term incentive measures to encourage the sale or purchase of services, goods;

4. Private sale, expressed in the oral presentation of goods, services, prospective buyer for sale.

All forms of marketing communications have their own specific methods of communication, such as exposure, sales presentations, advertising souvenirs, specialized fairs, exhibitions, contests, catalogs, leaflets, posters, prizes and so forth.

main objectives of marketing communications enclosed insales promotion and sellers, comprehensive consumer information, providing arguments, revealing for buying, promotions support from the manufacturer, the new products, a reminder to consumers about the previous purchases of advertising and promotions.

marketing communications methods include external funds, by means of which to stimulate attendance.These include billboards, shop windows, aystoppery, light boards, barkers, etc.

internal funds - is also a method of marketing communications.They encourage the acquisition, attracted by the interior, thanks to the creation of psychological excitation potential consumer, bringing it to the willingness to buy.This includes design, music, color palette, flavors, style of communication personnel, tools and equipment, such as presentation, various suspension, interior design, displays, interior and exhibition showcases, running lines and generators odors.

The basic communication features integrated marketing communications include: high efficiency, the need to combine the two communicators use all means and methods of marketing communications tools, communication and impact on customer backlash almost coinciding in time.

Thus, the IMC is the practice of the unification of various tools of marketing communications, from packaging to advertising.It is organized in a way that convinces meaningful news was directed precisely to the target audience that could help translate the goals and challenges facing the company.