Should there be a separation after cauterization of cervical erosion?

Check that you have a problem with the cervix, it can only be viewed from a gynecologist.Do not be afraid, if you put this diagnosis, he heard more than 50% of women.The main thing - to know so much erosion that caused it, in time to eliminate possible causes, and select the appropriate method of treatment.

Most often gynecologist recommends that women cauterize erosion, without going into details about exactly how it's going to do it.At present in clinics for combating defects cervical mucosa using electrical current, liquid nitrogen, laser treatment and a chemical treatment means.Whichever way you do not have offered, be prepared for the fact that you may occur after the selection of cauterization of cervical erosion.To avoid trouble, be sure to bring a sanitary protection.

Do not try to choose their own method of treatment, but the doctor sees the degree of damage, and can find a suitable in your case option.In any case, the gynecologist will tell you how the procedure will take place, which

you will experience the sensation, will release after cauterization of cervical erosion and what to do after the procedure.If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask them, you are entitled to know what are you doing, what are the chances of healing of the affected area, and the guarantee for the future.

So, first of all find out what method you will be treated.If you are offered the use of an electric current, then be prepared for the fact that the procedure is not a pleasant one.Treat your teeth without anesthesia, of course, the sick, and then have a little patience.Is this the way that the affected areas cauterizing current.At the site of contact between the dead cells are formed - they are gradually peeled off, and replaces healthy tissue.Discharge after cauterization of cervical erosion with the help of the current, of course, will - often they are abundant and watery in the beginning, perhaps, with the addition of blood.Be prepared for the fact that they can go on for about a month, as long as the affected area is completely healed.After cauterization of erosion of bleeding are only in the first few hours, however, some women may continue for several days.In most cases, it is quite normal, but if you are concerned, contact your doctor.

no less common way is to use liquid nitrogen - the so-called cryotherapy.It's quite effective and relatively painless method, during the procedure could barely pull the belly.Discharge after cauterization of cervical erosion of nitrogen should be a watery, no impurities, the blood should not be.

When treating cervical you choose a specialized medical center, then perhaps you will be offered the required laser treatment area.Despite the relative high cost, more and more patients prefer this method, because if it does not feel pain, and the healing takes place fast enough.Please note, if you notice bleeding after cauterization of erosion by laser, means that something did not go as planned.After this procedure, they should not be.Also, they do not usually occur after the contactless method using radio wave.