State property

State property consists of all property that is on the property right belongs to the Russian Federation and its individual subjects.

State ownership has a number of features.The subject of the rights of such property serves the state itself, and property management are concentrated in the conduct of public authorities and specially authorized legal and natural persons.

Public education may exercise the powers of the owner through the publication of legal acts.Thus, Russia has the right of ownership to any property, including the withdrawal from the market, and the subjects of the Russian Federation - on any property, other than one that is the exclusive property of the Russian Federation.

State property can be purchased only in ways that are characteristic solely for the states (requisition, nationalization, forced seizure of property for value confiscation, taxes and so forth.).State property is inherent in the existence of such a ground for termination of the right of privatization (expropriatio

n of municipal and state property into private property of citizens and legal entities in accordance with the provisions of the legislation).

State property consists of two parts.The first is the distribution of state property, under which you need to understand the state property assigned to the unitary state enterprises and institutions at pravfh operational management or economic control.In this case the powers of the owner of the property by the order, use and possession are partially disabled.The second concerns the unallocated state assets, called the Treasury.

special position of state property due to its very nature, determining the existence of the state.The necessary government spending funds acquired in different ways.The two main are the following: the allocation of state property of the national wealth, the demand from the citizens of the allocation of their assets to the state.

state property consists of different types of revenues of ownership: in land, industry, etc.

federal legislation is an object of state property objects that are property of the state;Objects defense industrial sphere;objects that are needed to support the activities of the federal authorities and the decisions of national problems;objects, on which the life support of the national economy;other objects of strategic importance (pharmaceutical, biomedical, Alcohol production enterprises).

By law, a number of objects related to federal property may be transferred to the ownership of the individual subjects of the Russian Federation.These include the large enterprises of the economy, health care and public education institutions, enterprises of energy and nuclear power engineering, research institutions, enterprises radio and television, and others.

protection of state property in the country's policy is one of the most important factors to ensure its economic independenceand independence.The system of state property management aims to create powerful economic incentives for the rational organization of the use and further reproduction of state property.Today in Russia there is a problem of lack of responsibility for the effectiveness of the organization and control of the use, reproduction and transformation of state property.