Elbrus volcano action or extinct?

Elbrus volcano is considered a young age, as mountains of this place formed about twenty million years ago, and the immediate eruption harsh mountains occurred about fifteen million years ago.Now it belongs to the category of extinct giants, but several neighborhoods with cracks from which a sulfur dioxide, point to the terrible processes occurring deep within.So how do you actually - Mount Elbrus current or extinct?


volcano Elbrus Volcano is one of the unique creations of nature - it is a bimodal mountain.The height of the peaks is almost the same.Its difference is only twenty meters, one peak stands at 5,621 meters above sea level, the second - at 5642 meters.Dividing them into three kilometer basin reaches 5,200 meters.

Elbrus volcano on the map looks very nice.This volcano has many names, differing depending on the national language in which they are pronounced.For example, in the Georgian language, his name will sound like Yalbuz and Armenian - Alberis.The source of the present n

ame of Elbrus is the word "antibares", which has Iranian origin.

harsh mountain

volcano Elbrus current or extinct?Officially it is considered extinct giant and its peaks and slopes covered with glaciers, the total area - 134.5 square kilometers.Annually killed a lot of people who want to conquer its peaks.The causes of their deaths are sudden cracks, avalanches, lack of experience and frequently changing weather conditions.

Places ascents on the same slope may have a different level of complexity.On the eastern slopes accumulate large masses of snow, since they are more flat than the west and the north, where many cliffs and ice avalanches.In the south-east of the mountain range laid cable cars, climb to an altitude of about 3750 meters, there are hotels.This area is the most habitable - that come here from around the world mountain climbers and nature lovers.

Facts about the activity of the volcano

But nobody really knows about Mount Elbrus - the current or extinct.As an absolutely new place may be a new fire-breathing mountain and long-asleep giant may eventually wake up.There are indications that Elbrus is not yet extinguished: far from it there are many hot springs.The most famous of them - Gil-Su.Water it reaches a temperature of twenty-four degrees above zero Celsius.The presence of a constant hot water indicates the flowing deep underground volcanic processes.Also, measurement of the surface temperature of the mountain at an altitude of 5621 meters showed twenty-one degrees above zero, while the temperature was -20 or lower.It also found areas with growing green moss.All this is also indirectly indicates that the volcanic activity has not been terminated.Some scientists even predict its eruption several hundred years.

Volcano Map

Elbrus volcano on the map is represented in the form of large white spots.Snowy languages ​​sprawl out on the low-lying plains.

should remember that Mount Elbrus (active or dormant it is scientists have yet to learn) - a giant who could do catastrophic cases on the planet.If he wakes up, multi-ton mass of glaciers and snow to melt and descend along the eastern slope of the deadly volcanic river.Its path will stretch to fifty kilometers, if not more, up to Tyrnyauz.The population of this village is about twenty thousand people.

Today Elbrus - an extinct volcano, to be more precise - sleep.But again, maturing in the depths of his forces could break out.