The story "Money for Maria": summary

In 1967, the story was written "Money for Maria".Summary of product we offer.The author of the story is Rasputin.Photo by the author is presented below.

He wrote works such as "Live and Remember", "deadline", "Farewell to the mothers", "Fire", "French Lessons" and we are interested in the story "Money for Maria".Summary begins its next event.

Kuzma decided to go for help to his brother, even at night.But deep down, he doubted that he would help him: they have become strangers for a long time.Shaking the bus, Kuzma remembers the events from which it all started.

audit in store

to their villages five days ago was a man of about 40 to conduct an audit of the store.Only this store saleswoman Kuzma had a wife, Maria.A whole year has not been revised.During this time he formed a shortage in the amount of 1,000 rubles.Mary could get for it in jail.However, the auditor has promised to hush up the case, perhaps her four children.But for this it was necessary to make the shortfall until he goes to check

other stores.Mary had 5 days to find the amount that neither she nor Kuzma in the hands never kept.

Kuzma decides to go to his brother

about her bad luck the next day already knew the whole village.Entering the position of Mary, the chairman of the pledged loan woman, but only at the end of the year.His promise several supported Kuzma, but his wife could not recover from the shock.Calmed her a bit, Kuzma started calculating: they did not have money savings, as there was nothing to sell.Consequently, it will be necessary to occupy.Kuzma thought immediately of his affluent brother and decided to go in a few days to him on the train.Second-class seats were not, and he had to go to class carriage.

Visit headmaster

Kuzma, waiting for the arrival of the train, recalls how he went from house to house in the village, beg for money, humiliated.He went first to the most prosperous villager Yevgeny Nikolayevich, Director of the school.Summary of the story "Money for Maria" allows you to only in general terms to describe this visit.Yevgeny Nikolayevich was his farm, high cost was not, so the director and his wife piled on passbook their salaries.Having learned that the first thing Kuzma came to him, Eugene N. promised to help, stressing several times that people are different, can not give.

conversation with fellow travelers

Wind walking along the platform, and Kuzma can not dismiss the idea that he is blowing a reason.He joins the train to the other passengers soft coupe.Gennady Ivanovich, director of the radio station, his traveling companion, treated with contempt, and even with some envy "kolkhoz": villagers too many privileges and benefits than in urban.This conversation Kuzma did not like.But he had to endure until the colonel, another companion, does not translate it to preference.4 player is required for this game.Play preference Kuzma can not, therefore, asked to swap seats with another passenger traveling in a sleeping car.Kuzma anyway, if only to get him, so he agrees.

Kuzma recalled how his wife began working in the shop

Kuzma recalled that the store where his wife worked, "was like a damn."Because of him, many people suffered.Almost everyone who worked here from vendors detected the shortage.Once planted last saleswoman, shop was closed 3 months.Eventually Nadia Vorontsov, while pregnant with her third child after birth has agreed to take it on themselves.Mary offered to replace it for a few months before the baby is born.

family Kuzma while hardly lived.Last-born baby was weak, his wife was often ill.Doctors do not advise Mary to do the hard work.That's why she went to the shop assistant and then left to work with.Maria cope well, but because of the kindness let go into debt products, for which went not the - sent other.She suffered because of this.First Mary believed that it would save Kuzma.However, after listening to the lamentations of their neighbors, I stopped believing.

Sleep Kuzma

in the compartment, which now went Kuzma, was heavily drunk man and an elderly couple.Survivors of the old war to each other are treated with great tenderness.Kuzma falls asleep and sees that he collects money for Mary.This dream comes to him is not the first time.Kuzma, waking up, can no longer sleep and starts again in their memories.They continued the story "Money for Maria", a summary of which we are interested.Below - a picture of its author.

doubts that brother will

director gave him 100 rubles.Kuzma in the evening went to Basil, his best friend.However, he did not offer money, even though he knew about the misfortune that occurred in the family Kuzma.Then he thought of his brother.Maria 3 years ago went to the city for treatment and stay stopped Alexei.His wife then decided that other people live better.Countrymen Kuzma also traveled to the city.He went to his brother, but he did not even invite him to the table.But the protagonist nevertheless forced himself to believe that his brother would help him.Mary thought that he did not give money, and he himself began to doubt Kuzma.

Kuzma visits Stepanida

The protagonist simply refers to the money if they are good, if not, then do not.His family did not starve, but the funds are often not enough.Kuzma did not know how to raise money.And now he had to do it.

Basil came to him when it was dark.Friends went together to Stepanida, selling moonshine.It was a mean woman.Everyone knew that she had a lot of money.Friends decided to podpoit her, so that she became kinder.But this plan failed: Stepanida, drunk, mean not be stopped.

Talk about adultery

which sold recently with his wife companion Kuzma women is cynical.He is convinced that the old man cheated on his wife at least once.He asks and Kuzma, if he cheated on his wife.He recognized that it was a time when Kuzma met his first woman.On hearing this, Mary wanted to leave.But the husband persuaded her to come back and do not change.Kuzma believes the elderly.He is also in the village there are Monogamous.Meanwhile, the train was approaching the city.

Help Chairman

crooked grandfather proudly on the second day, in the morning, brought 15 rubles vyproshennye they have a son.Then Basil led the protagonist to his mother, who was seriously ill.That gave him the money that attracted "to the death", but asked to return quickly, because death does not wait.Kuzma's wife stopped crying.She walked around the house, as if lifeless.Even the children, looking at her, silent.It was unbearable to stay at home, so Kuzma went to the chairman's office.He remembered the events of 1947, when the chairman put into the harvest.There was no gasoline, crumbled bread.He bought a barge with stolen fuel.In 1954, Chairman released after the amnesty.Locals worked to ensure his re-appointed to his old post, but it was only 5 years ago.

President, telling wait, gathered experts from the farm and asked them to give up his salary in favor of Kuzma.They agreed, as no one wanted to seem stingy.Thus came the end of the second day.

We learned how to spent it Kuzma, the protagonist of the story that interests us.Get acquainted with the works of further developments "Money for Maria" summary."Liter", "Brifli", our website and other resources to acquaint readers with the subjects of works that study, of course, better for the originals.However, the pace of modern life is not always possible.And get to know them still want to.That's what summaries.

Hitcher talks about his fate

Kuzma middle of the night on the train wakes guy.He calls it a smoke and complains about his life.The guy jealous old man, he would like to see all women were the same as his wife.The Hitcher said that his wife left him, taking with him a daughter.Now the guy wonders will come back or not.He gets angry when Kuzma said that his wife can find another.

grandfather Gordey idea of ​​the story "Money for Maria"

Summary ("Brifli" offers him exactly the same as this article) gives an idea only about the main events of the story.She goes on to describe the third day Kuzma after receiving news of the shortage.On the third day of the protagonist were given money in the office.After that, it began to come to the experts, as well as their wives and complain about the lack of means of subsistence.Kuzma gave them money without question.Grandfather Gordey prisemenil evening.He said that any money not needed Kuzma.It is only necessary to make the pregnant Mary, and should not go to jail.Only half of the necessary amount collected at this time.Kuzma began to think that my grandfather Gordey rights.Thus ends the third day.The next morning, the main character goes to her brother.


off the train, he saw that the wind had died.Snow falls shaggy flakes.Kuzma thinks it's good.The main character descends from the bus and when he reached the house his brother, knocking him.This completes the work of "Money for Maria", a summary of which has been described in this article.

To learn more about the story, you can also watch the same film-show, filmed by the product.He left in 1985.Directors - Vladimir Khramov and Vladimir Andreev.Summary of the story "Money for Maria" was the basis of this film.Moscow Theatre.Yermolova (pictured below) has set this performance.

That completes our story."Money for Maria" we briefly described in this article.Ideally, of course, refer to the text of the work.Especially pretty interesting to read the story "Money for Maria".Summary of chapters, unfortunately, does not transmit its artistic value.Valentin - the great master of words.This is evident by his early works, which include novel VGRasputin "Money for Maria".