Institutes of Volgograd.

In this article we will talk about higher education in Volgograd.Its main goal - to help future students in the choice of the institute, which will determine his future life.What can offer applicants Volgograd?Universities (specialty will be discussed below) are preparing highly qualified specialists, capable of operating in various sectors of the economy.Every year in higher educational institutions of the city receives thousands of young people - the future doctors, teachers, technicians, economists, artists, and so on. D.

«Swan, cancer and pike»

After graduating from high school and received a certificate of secondary education, every young personfaced with a choice: what to do next - continue and continue to gnaw granite science or go zrabatyvat their money?If the balance is tilting to the first decision, it remains only to choose the right school and the specialty that would like to learn.And it is here that the majority of young people happens "stupor."After all, they experience small prefere

nces in choosing a profession have not been formed at all, and the time starts running out.And here "to help" come parents, relatives, friends and others.And, as in Krylov's fable "The Swan, cancer and pike", the applicant begins to pull in different directions.Some will insist on the family tradition, they say, is a young man studied the ancestors, as many as seven generations;someone will give advice based on the modern labor market feasibility reserves;someone will pay attention to the prestige of the institution and the profession;and someone will highlight the meager resources of the family of the future student ... And how to do in this situation in the future was not excruciatingly painful because of the incorrect choices made?

principle of "common sense»

In this situation, we can recommend the young man to take advantage of the so-called principle of sanity.What does this mean?The first step is to collect the maximum information about the educational institutions themselves and specialties that are taught there.Examine it and select those options that appeals to you in varying degrees.The following talk about your preferences to parents, grandparents and so on. D., And listen to their views about this, because their life experience is many times greater than yours.And only after that on their own, according to your own desires, and senior council gathered information from various sources (official leaflets, reviews of students, teachers, and so on. D.) To make a choice.Now consider directly Institutes of Volgograd and specialties offered by them.In this article, we will look only to full-time training.

Institutes of Volgograd: list of schools

this hero city on the Volga River as a wide-rich institutions and highly specialized, such as technical, economic or health.So, given below Institutes of Volgograd (government) can take a mental note of any entrant.

1. State Agricultural Academy.

2. Institute of Economics, Sociology of Law.

3. State University.

4. Law School.

5. State Social and Pedagogical University.

6. Institute of Arts.Serebryakov PA

7. State Institute of Arts and Culture.

8. Technical University.

9. State Architectural University.

10. Institute of Business.

11. State Academy of Physical Culture.

Institutes of Volgograd: branches

Besides the facilities listed in the above list, the city operates a number of branches of higher educational institutions of our country, such as the International Slavic Institute, Russian Academy of National Economy and the State.Service under the President of the Russian Federation, Modern Humanitarian Academy, Institute of Management, Russian University of Cooperation, Moscow Humanitarian-Economic Institute, Russian State Trade and Economic University.As you can see, the choice facing Volgograd entrants is huge.On the one hand, this is good, because there is plenty to choose from, and on the other, at the sight of so many institutions and can be confused.But no one promised it would be easy, it's just the beginning, and then will be exams, study, course work session ...

Medical schools

Individual attention, medical schools in Volgograd, or rather the State Medical Universitylocated in this city.It is the Federal State Institution of Higher Professional Education Ministry of Health (VPO VolgGMU) was founded in 1935 (then called Stalingrad Medical Institute).Today, this ultra-modern university is included in the list of medical schools world WHO.In its structure it has eight faculties, in addition, at its base, a new medical college, in which the training of highly qualified professionals nursing care.A branch was opened in Pyatigorsk - Pyatigorsk Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute.

Choice specialty

Well, now it's time to move to the second (though it is closely related to the first), but no less important elections - the profession.Volgograd universities offer prospective students a very broad list of specialties.The main directions of the agricultural education program include the following lines of study: Agriculture technology, veterinarian, agricultural mechanization, electrification, processing technology, merchandising, economics, ecological and land reclamation, socio-humanitarian.Universities Volgograd architectural and construction trends offer applicants the following specialties: Heat and combined heat and power, transport processes, machines and manufacturing equipment, information systems and technology, architecture, construction, design and safety of Technosphere.Institute of Culture and Arts train students in such professions: directing, general and decorative arts, acting and so on. D. Medical training institutions train specialists of medical and preventive activities, biotech technology, biology, pediatrics, general medicine, medical biochemistry, dentistry,Clinical Psychology.

This list is very long, but the essence of this article is to show the full range of the entrant opens up opportunities.Properly chosen specialty will give him a way to determine the fate and life.Good luck!