Illegal use of a trademark by other persons

A trademark is any sign which can be performed as a verbal, visual or combined intent.Product Sign- is the ability of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur from the crowd to express your product or service.Legislation to organize the exclusive ownership of the trademark, which is confirmed by a special certificate.Private individual or organization that has the trademark rights, the right to use it in public circulation.There are people who have illegal use of the trademark.But it is necessary to understand that the unlawful use of a trademark is punishable by law.

There is a special article in the Code, which punishes man for possession and illegal use of a trademark.This penalty is characterized by an administrative offense, and a fine on "stolen right" person.The fine can range, for the citizens - is 1 thousand 500 rubles to 2 thousand, and could be the confiscation of property items that have been reproduced illegally.For officials illegal use of a trademark will cost more money - from 10 to

20 thousand rubles.For legal entities and does 30 to 40 thousand rubles with confiscation and all items that have been reproduced illegally.

Due to a trademark can be separated one from the other goods and to secure for them any authority.Through advertising and other ways to market, is able to acquire goods and consumers worldwide fame.This, in turn, affects the good performance and increase the sale of goods.The sign on the product helps to remember an image, symbol, or a symbol, and thus helps consumers distinguish between goods and services of one organization from others.

When the goods on the market is moving rapidly, the market value increases significantly and exceeds the value of the material and manufacturing resources.Hence, the assessment of the trademark has a positive effect on the entire market value of the total.Hence, there is the attraction of investors, customers and partners.When the process is carried out such as the evaluation of a trademark, it is itself calculated the market value of the goods through the degree of distinctive feature to this amount of profit organization, which is obtained from the sale.

If we talk about such a direction as the exclusive right to the trademark, that this right can be obtained as a legal entity and an individual entrepreneur, who act in accordance with legal requirements.A trademark can be used in the following areas:

  1. on the label or packaging of the goods may also be on the product, which is produced and sold.This product may be advertised, that is introduced into circulation;
  2. trademark may be used in the design of the proposals related to the sale of goods or services with the indication;
  3. Also it can be used in the design of any documents that are relevant goods and civilian traffic;
  4. trademark is used in the provision of services and performance of work;
  5. trademark applied using various addressing modes, for example - the Internet.

person or organization that owns the trademark can not control certain types of use of the mark.For example:

- to use a trademark for his own purposes;

- use the mark on such goods that previously were built into circulation and used by others;

- the owner of a trademark may not be eligible for a product that does not present any goals;

- or any other use that is not related to the jurisdiction of a civil turnover of goods or services.