How to train your man?

The things we women do not do in order to please men: sitting on a diet, use decorative cosmetics, studying modern tendencies involved in fitness wear shoes with high heels and extravagant, but not very comfortable outfits.Probably a definite answer to the question of how to tame a man does not exist.But I think that every woman has to do their own little things.If you wish, but do not know how to tame a man - read this article.

This woman not only wants to please a man, but also tries to ensure that he lost his head.To find the answer to the question of how to tame a man, put the final goal, determine what exactly you need it: for intimate relationships without commitment to marriage or as a fan.It clearly knowing what you want, it is easier to work out the right strategy and come to the desired result.

If you want a flirt, no more, do not hesitate!You can afford to make eyes, smile and accidentally touch the man.Touch certainly will not leave him indifferent.Man-fan will admire you, recalling h

ow beautiful you are.If you notice that it becomes persistent, retreat.And I know for certain that you did not promise him anything!

If you want sex from men only, please caller makeup, dress appropriately: a short skirt, a deep neckline.Such frivolous relations zavyazhutsya quickly built and you and a man who is afraid of responsibility.

If you want to get married, the situation is much more complicated.Short skirt will not get off here.Remember that in any case it is impossible to lead a man to point out what to do.He has to make decisions and be a leader in your relationship.It must come from him any initiatives and ideas.

To a man wanted you to become his wife, do not try to remake it for themselves.He should like you for who is.Learn all about his preferences, interests and lifestyles.Do not focus on the financial position of the chosen one, pretend that it does not interest you.Be open and friendly, attending to his person, speak less and listen to it, remember men like smart women!The main thing - you have to be common goals and values.

You ask how to captivate a man, and then another, and keep?To do this, you need to have inner meaning and relate to his beloved soul.It brought together by kinship and you will save the Union for many years.

you still scratching their heads over how to charm a man and marry him?Then be so, which one is actually open to him his inner world and show the image of his thoughts.And remember that the internal content is more important than a beautiful wrapper.

Believe in your power, save your self-esteem and cherish their freedom.No need to cling to the rescue of the men as a straw.Let them fear us lose and dream about the upcoming wedding.Hopefully, now that you know how to tame a man, and can easily do it.