Picker: who it is, what do they do?

«All professions are needed, all professions are important!" - Each of us remember these lines from a poem by S. Marshak.Today we will talk about the importance of work in human life, for such specialties as picker: who it is, what they do, what qualities should have.I must say that it does not require higher education, it is enough just to have a secondary or specialized secondary.In addition, the work in this specialty involves career to the storekeeper and warehouse manager.

picker - who is it?

picker is a warehouse employee who deals with customers picking those materials that are listed in the application, and storage of these products and their inventory.

to work in this profession, you need to have the professional quality as knowledge of the basic rules of recruitment materials, pricing and the whole range of products;rules of storage and storage conditions of trade items;methods of packaging, weighing arrangements, as well as knowledge about paperwork.To do this, the storekeeper-picker

is obliged to have such personal characteristics as responsibility and accuracy, should have a good memory, and be careful.

preserve the goods

picker must strictly abide by the rules of packaging and labeling, to establish the exact number of shipped goods (boxes, bags, bales, and so on. D.), Complement each unit at shipment packaging label.

As mentioned, the picker should be able to properly execute documents (registration certificate, certificate, payment instruments, etc.) and in a timely manner to send documents to the receiver.


picker selects the goods and transports them to the place of recruitment;checks the names and quantities of materials with the data that are specified in the documentation;mans goods;it weighs, packs, fills labels and tags, as well as the recipient's address and podgotoavlivaet items to the inventory.

technique for picking

picker in their work can use a variety of equipment for the selection of goods that the customer ordered.Today we know two types of technology: a high-level, has a rising cab for the operator, and a low-level handlers.Loader-sorter, using a low-level pick-up, can carry up to three pallets at the same time.To do this, use a pitchfork with the rise of two meters or site operator to lift one meter, which makes it possible to gain goods from the shelves of both the first and second level.

set of goods to the second and third levels of the stack sorter uses high-loader.Rising with the operator cabin while the car is moving down the aisle.


picker (who it is, we already know) should be able to work at a fast pace, without losing mindfulness, because the work is a motor.The employee is responsible for failure to fulfill his duties or poor performance of the work, as well as for offenses committed in the course of business, and causing material damage.


Today picker profession in the labor market is not enough demand because wages do not exceed the average.In the capital of Russia, it is up to twenty-eight thousand rubles, and in the regions - up to twenty five thousand.

For those who spent some time picker, may increase the ladder to the storekeeper, and then to the warehouse manager.

Thus, answering the question: "picker - who is it?", We can say that these are people who not only form a customer order, but also have a number of responsibilities for the preservation and delivery of these materials to the recipient.