What professions are in demand in 5 years?

Before each graduate school sooner or later the question arises as to whom to learn more.Of course, we do not take into account the lucky ones who from an early age demonstrated a talent for a particular occupation or science, because for them life is unthinkable without your favorite things.The majority of today's students for admission to university chooses the profession as a lawyer or an economist.Undoubtedly, owning these professions can rely on a successful career.However, it should be prepared for the fact that due to the fact that today these jobs are very popular, when looking for work you will certainly come across a very highly competitive.And over time, this situation will only worsen.So we offer today to analyze the studies of experts and find out what the profession will be in demand in 5 years.

marketing and management

Due to the fact that the life of modern man is thoroughly permeated with a wide range of advertising (billboards on the streets, commercials on television and radio,

banners on the Internet, flyers and posters in stores and even porches, layoutspress, etc.), the market will always need specialists.Therefore, in the list of the most popular professions of the near future, first of all, consists of professionals in the field of marketing and advertising.In today's market traders, as well as companies providing services requires a variety of employees.Employment agencies noted an increase in annual demand for mass professions of this sector from the ordinary sellers to major marketers.And today requires not only people who are able to sell high quality items at the site, as well as well-organized all work processes, but also specialists who know how to present profitable or that product or service to a potential customer, thus prompting him to buy.

Programmer - profession of the future

Recently, computer technology is developing a truly incredible rate.Therefore, answering the question: "What professions are in demand in 5 years?", We can confidently say that we need to be programmers, system administrators and other professionals with expertise in modern computers.Also, a lot of popularity will be people involved in software development and information security.In addition, the popular profession in the future will also include a specialty related to the creation and support of web-sites: it's designers, and developers and content managers, and so on. N. It should be noted that the sphere of IT-technology is developing so rapidly,that has some popular specialties not even begin to teach in universities.Therefore, to succeed in this business, you should always be what is called a trend, sometimes independently acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience.

Economists and financiers

Despite the fact that today a lot of talk about an excess of young professionals in this field, as a result they face a very competitive and sometimes forced to seek jobs in their specialty, the real professionals in this areaIt has always been and will be in demand.It should at least analyze the situation in almost every city of our country.A few years ago we could not imagine that we will be surrounded by a number of banks and other financial institutions.And every year the number of these organizations has been steadily increasing, and the population offers new banking services and products.In this connection, these institutions constantly need real professionals.Speaking on what the profession will be in demand in 5 years specifically in the field of finance and economy, include such specialties as a financial analyst, loan officer, accountant and manager.

Doctors and teachers

Undoubtedly, there will always be demand for such essential professions in any country, as doctors, nurses, teachers, professors, and so on. N. However, the absolute net data specialties in our country is quite low levelwages.Nevertheless, if you feel a calling to medicine or pedagogy, you can count on success, which will be expressed not only in recognition of colleagues, but also in terms of money.So, becoming, for example, a famous doctor in a particular field, it can open its own medical center.A gifted teacher is always able to establish his own private school or a development center.

construction sphere

can say with confidence that the representatives of various building trades will always be in demand.After all, today both large and small cities are developing rapidly, and therefore constantly building new buildings.We construct residential complexes, shopping centers, reconstructed historical monuments and so on. D. Popular profession in the future in this area is practically no different from present-day realities: it engineers, designers, foremen and workers for the various construction specialties.

the hospitality and tourism business

Despite the fact that the tourist industry in our country is developed not to the same extent as in some other countries, experts in the field is getting increasingly popular among employers.After all, today many companies are working with foreign partners, who often visit the local offices and, therefore, need to be placed, as well as excursions.So, especially in demand today are professional administrators who are able to qualitatively organize the work of the whole institution (for example, hotels).It should be noted that the requirement to the skilled in the art is a fluent English.


Due to the fact that today work profession have a very low popularity among the students, every year a variety of production faced with increasing shortage of data experts.In this regard, applicants for these vacancies almost do not face competition and are in high demand among employers.Unconditional outs of working professions can be called low wages and, as a rule, are not the most comfortable working conditions.However, one should not give up such specialties.After all, a real professional in the business it is always possible to count on a decent wage, and on the promotion of the career ladder, the more the shortage of such workers.

new specialty that will be needed in the near future

As technology is developing very rapidly, today there is the emergence of entirely new profession, which a few years ago no one could even think of.So, we can say that in five years among employers is a strong demand for professionals in the field of innovative technologies.For example, even now some schools began to prepare professionals in the field of nanomedicine.

So, we found out what occupations will be in demand in 5 years in the labor market.In short, it's financiers and economists, doctors and teachers, builders, specialists of hotel and tourism, workers and professionals in the field of nanotechnology.Now we offer to learn about what activities are most popular for representatives of male and female.

most popular profession for men

for representatives of the strong half of humanity over the next 5-7 years will be particularly promising specialties are: engineer, IT-specialist, financier, physician, ecologist and builder.It should be noted that all this high-paying profession of the future.Therefore, investing money today in your education, it's safe to expect a decent return in a few years.

most popular profession for women

To date, the most popular and in demand specifically for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are the following: manager, accountant, administrator, assistant manager, a lawyer, a sales representative, secretary, marketer, manager and agent.According to the staff recruitment agencies in the next few years, this situation is unlikely to change.