Summary "Humpbacked Horse" Ershov

«Humpbacked Horse" Ershov - a fantastic poem.Due to the ease of the verse, the abundance of aphorisms and the presence of a work of satire quite popular not only among children but also among adults.

Summary: "Humpbacked Horse" catch the thief

One farmer had three sons.Clever - Danilo, so-so - Gabriel, and does a fool - Ivan.They have fields grow wheat and sell grain on the capital market.Suddenly, someone at night began to tread their crops.The brothers agreed to be on duty at a time.Senior and middle afraid of bad weather.They went, so did not see.But Ivan was able to wait and catch a white mare with a golden long mane.In exchange for the freedom it promised to give birth to three horses: two beautiful, and the third - a little, with humps.It may not be sold under any circumstances.This humpbacked little horse Ivan and will become an assistant in all and defender.Three days later what happened.

Summary: "Humpbacked Horse", the sale of horses

Soon Gavrilo and Danilo found these horses were

taken and brought to the capital to sell.Skating Ivan instantly catches brothers.Gavrilo and Danilo sorry.The brothers go to the city together.When they stopped for the night in the field, they saw a fire in the distance.Brothers Ivan sent to investigate.It shone with the pen.Humpbacked Horse said that it belongs to the Firebird, and the one who will pick him, waiting for trouble.Ivan did not listen and put a feather in his cap, and his brother said nothing.GOVERNOR buy horses for the king.Those on the road and pulled back to Ivan.The king, seeing this thing, and invites him to be captain over royal grooms.Ivan agrees.Older brothers take the money, go home and get married.

Summary: "Humpbacked Horse" Firebird to the king

After a time the king's sleeping bag began to suspect something.The former head of the stables notes that Ivan is not caring for the horses, and they are always clean and well-fed.He hides in a stall for the night to find out what was wrong.Boyar saw Ivan took out a pen Firebird, and it lit up the barn.He fed, watered the animals and then he fell asleep.Sleeping immediately went to the king.He reports that Ivan is not simply hides a feather of the Firebird, but it boasts itself to produce.The king sent him on this mission.Humpbacked Horse promises to help.He advises the king to ask two troughs millet and wine overseas.In the morning they hit the road.Soon they drove up to the forest, where there are fields, and on it - a silver mountain.These arrive each night to drink water from the creek Firebird.Skate advises Ivan pour into one trough millet and fill it with wine, and hide himself under another.He did so.When Firebird flew to the trough, Ivan deftly caught one of them by the tail.The king is very glad to have such a gift.It improves the position of Ivan.Now he is - the royal groom.

Summary tale "Humpbacked Horse" Damsel for the king

But sleeping on it is not complacent.One day he heard the tale of the Tsar-maiden who brought Month Mother, and the Sun - brother.Sleeping in a hurry to the king and reported that Ivan boasted to get it.Skate owner promises to help in this task.To do this, just take the road sweets, dining appliance and gold tent.In the morning they set out.Soon we arrived at the ocean.On the shore they pitched the tent, laid dining appliance and sweets, and hid themselves.Princess came back, ate, drank and began to play the harp.Ivan ran into the tent and caught her.He brought the maid to the capital.King asks her to marry, but she needs to get her first ring lying at the bottom of the ocean.Lord again sent on a mission by Ivan.Tsar Maiden asks him to call on the way to her family and to worship her.

Summary "Humpbacked Horse": a ring for Tsar Maiden

Ivan rides on skates to the ocean and saw him lying across the whale, which is located on the back of the village.He asks to know what he is punished.The travelers arrived at teremu Tsar Maiden.At night, it rested in the sun, and during the day - month.The mother is pleased that her daughter is alive, but is angry that her wishes to marry the old king.The husband of a beautiful woman should be only a young man.They also learned that the whale would be released when released into the sea swallowed them three dozen ships.The villagers quickly leave his back.Keith produces and ships can sail itself.In gratitude, he helps Ivanov sends a sturgeon on the bottom of the sea and those found with chest ring.

P. Yershov "Humpbacked Horse."Summary: getting rid of the king

King gives it to the girl, but she says she does not want to marry an old man.And in order to rejuvenate the king need to dip into the pot with cold water, then - with hot and finally - with the boiling milk.That tells it all to do at first, Ivan.And here he comes to the aid Skate.He wags its tail, Macao boilers face twice sprinkles Ivan loud whistles and only then dipped and he became even more beautiful than it was.King believed in this transformation.He jumped into a vat of boiling milk, and, of course, cook.The people recognized the maiden his queen, and she took Ivan to the altar.The tale ends with a wedding feast.