How to refuel the car at a gas station?

Filling the car - it is everyday business for every motorist.Every machine, even the most cost-effective, sooner or later will ask to "eat."However, this seemingly simple fact there are a lot of nuances.Today we look at how to refuel the car at a gas station.


Absolutely all modern cars are equipped with a special indicator on the panel board that lights up when there is insufficient amount of fuel in the tank.Typically, this light turns on when the car has less than 7-10 liters of gasoline.This is the minimum allowable level of fuel in the tank.But seeing the signal on the instrument panel, do not panic, because the petrol ends immediately.That is, we will have a stock of about 50-100 kilometers.In this way it is possible to find a suitable gas station and buy the required amount of fuel.

Experts recommend to fill the car, not when the panel LED red light, and when the arrow on the dial has passed for half.That is, if left in the tank is less than half of the fuel - it's time to find a gas s


Search gas station

This point should be given special attention.Fuel at gas stations may differ significantly in their properties, composition and quality, even if it is the same A-95.Therefore, each dressing has its reputation.Learn how fair is one or the other station can be of the reviews left on specialized resources, or from friends and acquaintances.Incidentally, the gas station must have a certificate for their products.It must be specified when the fuel was purchased, what quality (octane number), as well as from any manufacturer it acquires.

an unknown gas station or charging with a suspiciously cheap fuel prices better not to call.In most cases, they improve the octane number of "in situ", by means of additives.That is, from the 92nd to the 95th turns gasoline.Of course, the quality of such a mixture is inferior to the present A-95.Therefore, in order not to clog the fuel system of the car, choose a network of petrol stations, where you will constantly fill the car.Particularly affected by low-quality fuel diesel foreign cars last years of release.Repair fuel system for diesel engines can cost tens of thousands of rubles.Basically, there are problems with the fuel pump of high pressure (undergoes repair or replacement), nozzles (made potent cleaning agent or ultrasound), but sometimes with filters (here a little blood can not do, one way out - a complete replacement).

often conscientious gas station exhibit very high fuel prices.But if you think that the filling station on the cheap will be more cost-effective solution, you are deeply mistaken.And it is not only in the fuel system is clogged with dirt and deposits.Machine to substandard petrol loses momentum acceleration and power, thereby increasing fuel consumption.All this has a negative impact on car owners purse.Therefore it is better to play it safe and choose one company.You may even give a discount as a regular customer.

Gas refueling

Where to fill the car with gas?In Russia, these filling stations is much less than gasoline, so with the choice of the company is much more complicated.But also about the gas stations you can find relevant reviews.Remember that low-quality product can bring down gas reducer, which is a significant cost item.

How to refuel the car at a gas station?On the rules

There are a number of rules of refueling a car at a gas station.Let's look at them in detail.So, first you need to find out which side of the hatch of the tank is located on your machine.It may be left or right.We drive to the column should be only on the side where there is the door.Otherwise, you have to drag or tanker hose through the entire machine.But its length may not be enough, and then you have to turn around and go to the next column.Moroka, in a word.And if yours still place?

During refueling note the location of the gun.If it is loose or does not reach the mouth of the tank, the fuel supply when it can fly out.At the same time money for the gasoline spilled on the asphalt you no return.

engine before refueling the car certainly suppressed.Before you fill the car with gas, you should disembark all passengers.Most of these requirements exhibit methane station.Passengers have provided small cabins, pavilions, where they can ride out the time.And most importantly - during refueling is strictly forbidden to smoke near a car.Even simple gasoline fumes can trigger an explosion at the gas station, whose consequences are easy to predict.

Sometimes it so happens that for no apparent reason lever gun jammed.In this case the fuel supply tank is stopped.How to behave in such a situation?It should go up to the cashier and say that the fuel does not arrive.After he will give you some guidance (most often recommended to take out a gun, hang it and reinstall the tank), fuel will flow at the normal speed.

How to refuel the car at a gas station?The octane number

at all gas stations there are several types of fuel, including diesel and necessarily present gasoline.Last has an octane rating of 72 to 100. This may be AI-80, AI-92 and AI-95.Naturally, it is impossible to fill a diesel car with petrol, and vice versa.In this case, the machine is not exactly go and the engine will be subject to replacement or major overhaul.But you can vary the octane number.At the gas station in the bona fide foreign car it is quite safe to pour 92 minutes instead of the 95th, as specified by the manufacturer.Machinery 92 ride gasoline as well as on the 95th.But here you need to know the line.Bentley at the 72nd gasoline is clearly not pass and 10 kilometers.Such an experiment can result in the driver's very sad.Therefore, a liquid with an octane rating lower than 92 octane in the tank to pour foreign cars is not recommended.

If you came refueling, be sure to tell him the brand of fuel and only then go to pay money to the cashier.Here you can specify a specific amount, the number of liters or order a "full tank".

How to fill the car at the gas station?

What if there is no refueling at the gas station?This situation often occurs at gas stations.There is almost always have to do everything yourself.So, how to fill the car with gas?To do this, drive up to the desired column drown engine and put the car on a manual brake (or a transmission).Then unscrew the plug (if propane tank).After that, the column must be removed from the fuel nozzle and insert it in the neck.But that it is not flew at the time of fuel, it is necessary to press the lever and lock "dog" in this position.You can then go to the cashier and pay the amount.Then you need only wait until the tank is full.After refueling, press the lever of the gun.So he otstegnet from time.Then hang a gun on a column screw cap.Now you can go on the road again.These were all the rules of refueling at the gas station.


An important point: after filling petrol pistol may leak fuel residues.In order not to dirty himself and the car, keep your nose to the top of the lever and limit the maximum distance from the clothes.At gas stations, do not be alarmed if the gun is unfastened with a huge noise.

Conclusion So, we figured out how to refuel the car at a gas station.As you can see, all the rules are quite simple.The main thing - to choose a suitable network of filling stations and periodically clean the fuel system (if you have a diesel car).Not Circle refueling on which prices higher than the average, the tenth road.Miser pays twice.After all, with low-quality fuel the next trip could be the last for your vehicle.