How to restore SNILS?

During each person seniority.It is known fact.In all that time, the employer is obliged to pay the insurance for you some replenishment.Among them will emerge later the size of your pension.All data on the employment of any person go to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and are confidential.Therefore, to avoid problems in old age, each citizen is attributed to its own personal account with a unique number and is issued a special certificate.It also contains all the basic information about the person.This further details.


answer to this question is quite simple.SNILS stands for the number of individual insurance account.Accordingly, this document is assigned to each person registered in the Fund.Outside of its kind presented by a plastic card in a greenish light green color scheme and the size of one-fourth of a standard sheet of landscape.

Necessity SNILS

This document is important.Getting SNILS must first, in order that in the future your pension has been properly calculate

d and paid under the laws of the Russian Federation.On an individual account is stored all the information pertaining to contributions, which are paid by the employer.It is a significant fact.In addition, SNILS takes into account length of service, and this affects the recalculation of pension payments.This document contains all information about a person, and this number appears in all departments of the Russian Federation, starting and ending with the clinics travel in public transport.On this account accumulate information on payments to the person, if he decided to voluntarily contribute to the expense of their future pension.Thus, at present the insurance certificate is required SNILS everywhere.Even newborn babies do not accept an appointment at the clinic, if the parents have not issued the relevant documents.Also, you may be denied a loan or applying for a desired job, if you do not have on hand SNILS.This is due to the fact that public authorities need to know exactly what you are insured pension.

Obtaining this certificate

SNILS should be issued to all citizens who are registered in the unified system of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.It may be unemployed, newborns, military service.Throughout the life of the man fixed his room, so do not need replacing SNILS.To obtain a certificate of insurance a person needs to come to the Department of Pension Fund of the place of residence for registration.Thus, this document is prepared young parents to their newborn children, and unemployed citizens, who independently produce replenish their future pensions.People who are officially employed must obtain SNILS through an employer.It is important in this case.To do this for a job you must fill out a questionnaire to the insured person.It contains specific information about the individual data of a citizen:

  • surname;
  • name;
  • patronymic;
  • date of birth;
  • actual address of residence.

also here it is necessary to indicate their passport details and contact numbers.After the employment contract has been accepted to the action, and the man received a formal employment, within two weeks of the employer gives this form to the Pension Fund, which has 21 days to carry out all the steps to open a personal account and provide the insurance certificate.

SNILS for military

In this regard, there is also a lot of interesting things.On the military does not usually draw up a certificate of insurance, because their pensions are calculated and accrued in the other systems, and is engaged in the Ministry of Defence.However, there are some cases in which getting SNILS would be beneficial to the military.For example, if a soldier has been any activity in addition to what is the homeland, it SNILS takes into account all the human right to payment allowed.This is important.In addition, the soldier is allowed to issue a normal retirement pension, regardless of the specific payments.In addition, the certificate allows you to enjoy a number of services provided by the state.

What documents are needed for SNILS?

It is important to know.The main thing that you must have at registration certificate is a document that confirms your identity.That is, in this case need to have a passport.But there are some exceptions where the certificate can be issued upon presentation of a military ID card, license or temporary identification card.If you arrange SNILS your child, which is not yet fourteen years old, you must give a photocopy of the certificate of his birth.Also in this case, you need to provide passport details of one of the parents.In addition, you must fill out a form ADV-1 and sign it to the legal representative of the child.For individual entrepreneurs SNILS documents required standard, as well as for all citizens.


Pension Fund considers and prepares all materials for two to three weeks from the date of application.Therefore, when you contact the independent authority must take into account it is the time of registration.The maximum term of the issuance of pension insurance document is considered to be one and a half months for employed citizens.This is due to the fact that we need an additional two weeks for the transfer to the Fund by the employer profiles and another for distribution of ready-made certificates.

Change data SNILS

Throughout his life, every man is a series of events.In connection with it may be necessary to change SNILS.This may be a change of name or address of residence.Many are interested in the question of what to do in a given situation, and how to recover SNILS, if the person is employed.In this case, the employer, within two weeks from the submission of the new information they must provide to the Pension Fund and to obtain further changes indicate.This old paper is attached to the application from the citizen, and instead issued a new one.In that case, if the certificate was made out on their own, should also apply to the Department of Pension Fund of the place of residence and apply.After the adoption of the necessary materials required change personal details, and then issued a new certificate with the preservation of the old individual account.

Validity SNILS

This certificate is maintained throughout the life of a particular individual.

How to recover if lost SNILS

consider this point in more detail.Currently, more theft, or simply careless people began to lose their documents.Therefore, in this case, the main thing for many people is the question of how to restore SNILS.According to the explanations of the employees of the Office of the Pension Fund, in case of loss should observe the following recommendations:

  • primarily as soon as possible after discovery of the loss SNILS should contact the Department of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at the place of actual residence of a citizen with a completed application that he was given a duplicate document insurancetestimony.
  • In addition, how to restore SNILS need to know all the leaders of organizations, that is your direct employers.Thus, it is possible for them to apply for to restore the insurance certificate.And you can do it, even if originally recorded SNILS own.
  • All application for recovery of lost certificates, or to replace the personal data (name) only in the presence of identification documents and civic belonging to the Russian Federation.

After applying the employees of the Pension Fund carefully consider and understand the submissions received.Then, after three weeks, they issue new, updated insurance certificate, however, the account number remains the same and unchanged.


After reading the above, everyone can learn about what the evidence said that it is necessary to obtain it and how to recover SNILS if it is lost.