What is a marketer?

Have you ever, on what basis shops buy goods for resale?Maybe their assortment replenishes everything suggested by the manufacturer, or they pick up the goods only to your liking?No!Before the store shelves filled with whatever goods, carried out a major marketing research.His goal - to study the existing demand in the consumer market.If a company is interested in increasing sales, it will not be able to do without such a specialist, as a marketer, which conducts similar research.

main functions

On the question of who is a marketer, there is no single answer.The fact that the functions of specialist in different companies may differ materially.For example, one firm drew more attention to the organization of advertising their goods, while the other focuses on the study of competition and consumers.

In this regard briefly to answer the question, who is a marketer, you can not.But this is a very responsible position.In general, the function of the specialist is to maximize business efficiency and

improve the impact of its activities.This should be applied the whole complex of marketing practices.

Main responsibilities

Marketers must fulfill:

- assess the capacity of the market;
- analysis of the industry;
- forecast demand;
- comparative analysis;
- developing marketing strategies.

As you can see, the duties of the specialist is very extensive.Alone with the amount of work to cope very problematic.In this regard, large enterprises are whole departments to promote the product.In small companies there is the position of "manager-marketing."The worker alongside their main duties busy sales and finding customers.

successful professionals has the prospect of career growth.Over time, it may appoint a Director of Marketing and Commercial Director.

Necessary knowledge

Who is marketing?This, above all, an expert who has a good theoretical basis.Those who do not fully possesses the knowledge of the principles of marketing, would not be able to conduct research and develop the concept of the necessary promotion.For such a post except higher special education need knowledge of psychology, sociology and legal framework.

good marketing, among other things must have analytical and at the same time creative thinking.It should be easy to establish contacts with different people, to be sociable, to have emotional stability and diplomacy.
marketers need to be confident PC user, and to know the basic package, which includes office and special programs.To master this amount will allow specialist mathematical ability.It will not hurt him, and the knowledge of the basics of programming.

Almost all marketers to put forward demands for mandatory knowledge of foreign languages.This is especially important if the company is working on the international market.

Internet marketer

Some experts are studying the markets and engaged in the promotion of Internet advertising.They are called a little differently.This internet marketing.In addition to all of the above in their duties include:

- attracting visitors to the website of the corporation;
- development of Internet- projects.

As a result, should be provided with a high return on cash investments to the World Wide Web.Internet marketing - a specialist who owns not only the basics of marketing.He must have knowledge in the field of network technologies, as well as web design and have the practical skills you can quickly find the information on the World Wide Web.

Internet marketing - a professional engaged in drawing up advertising images and texts are well versed in the technologies of electronic payments, and who knows how to communicate with customers.As you can see, this position requires to much.Internet marketing is hard work to collect the necessary information, which in the future should be systematized and analyzed.Further, on the basis of the data specialist developed a specific strategy for promoting the product.

Marketer analyst

objective of this specialist is to analyze the market structure, demand forecasting and assessment of promotion opportunities newly created insurance products.Marketer analyst must be proficient in all the tools of the trade.This will allow us to constantly develop and operate successfully.

What is a marketing analyst?This is an expert who monitors all emerging market trends and able to navigate in conditions of uncertainty.

What are the responsibilities of a marketing analyst?This list includes:

- field studies focus groups;
- monitoring of the market, where there are competitors;
- a study of consumer preferences;
- the formation of assortment policy;
- reporting and etc.

marketers, in the staff of a large company, is also involved in studies of the regional market.It is a specialist who is able to generate ideas, find information, manage events and people.

Currently marketing analytics profession is among the most promising and prestigious.It is not surprising that the Applicants for the position the employer places high demands.As a rule, the candidate is tested for knowledge of sociology and economics, law and statistics, current legislation and the history of the development of production and trade.

applicant for the position of marketing analyst must be sociable, have an analytical and structured thinking, constantly strive to improve themselves and have excellent memory, organizational and analytical skills.


Now it is difficult to find a company in the state that there would be no post marketer.The main advantages of this profession in addition to the great popularity is the fact that it is highly paid.At the start of his career, yet no experience graduate has an income of thirty thousand rubles.After his salary grows to fifty or sixty thousand rubles a month.But this amount is not a limit.However, it should be borne in mind that only make a quick career attentive and hard-working employees.

choice of profession marketer can affect its demand not only manufacturing companies.The services that require specialist and specialized consulting firms.

Where to go to learn?

So, you know, who is a marketer and determined to acquire this specialty.The skills of the profession successfully master the people who have received higher sociological or economic education.In addition, many universities have already introduced such a course of training students as "Marketing".These specializations are available in almost every university in the country.However, marketers in Moscow, as a rule, these are people who have graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, National Research Institute "Higher School of Economics" and the Institute of Business Administration of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.These universities are listed among employers especially capital.Before a person who has a diploma of an institution, the doors open most prestigious consulting firms that specialize in marketing.

How to write a resume and get a job?

To take available in your chosen firm position, you will need to write a resume.Marketers in the state will take only one that in their education and personal characteristics will approach the employer.It will need to take into account when drawing up its biography.

First of all, demonstrate your own knowledge of the company in which you are filing separately.It will describe your professional skills.Focus on your experience and knowledge.This allows the employer to see that you are able to meet and whether his expectations.Enter your achievements in previous jobs.Do not hide any information.

Then, of course, education.Indicate not only the basic but also additional.Profile education will no doubt be to your advantage.

Pay particular attention to the section containing additional information.It is necessary to note the knowledge of one or more foreign languages, driving license (if any), the level of ownership of the various programs of the PC.If you have a hobby, it is also worth mentioning in the summary.Marketers whose life passions in any way related to the corporate culture and considered the vacancy, will take on the job.

Then you have to go one or two interviews.If you have a large number of applicants for a vacancy on stress tolerance can be checked.The company's staff will take the most goal-oriented, uninhibited and ready-to-vigorous activity.

The next step is to test and final interview.It was at this moment and there is a selection of the best of the best.

Building a career

When prosperous passage of all stages of the interview you are placed in the starting position of the profession.Graduates without practical experience, taking the position of "assistant marketing."It is necessary to carry out errands and bear the brunt of the routine work.

next stage of career is the post of marketing.This increases the payment of your labor.In this position should manifest itself creative.This will help create the foundation for future professional growth.

first serious step in the career will serve as chief of the marketing department.The duties of this specialist is to manage the whole staff of professionals and have control over their work.However, this is not the limit.Many companies appoint qualified marketers CFOs or offer them the position of senior manager.

correct choice

Occupation marketer is one of the most promising.By selecting it, you get a lot of features to work on simple positions and management positions in the company.

important advantage of this profession is the need for a huge number of skills, abilities and knowledge.This will if you want to find itself in a number of other specialties.