The question that interests all: "What makes Putin?"

Almost every year in Russia, conducted a campaign aimed at finding out the hidden income.The purpose of such measures - the settlement of the conflict of corruption.

What do you have?

Man by nature is so constituted that can not take other people's money.There is absolutely disinterested and indifferent people who are not astound exorbitant amount of wages not interested in the cost of public figures.This makes a lot of money by unscrupulous paparazzi who counted the amount spent on the publication of the photographed celebrities and underwear announce their earnings.

Campaign to identify hidden income may attract the attention of not only government, but also ordinary citizens who, no doubt, be surprised to learn that Russian President Vladimir Putin for the year 2012 earned 5.8 million rubles.For comparison, it is worth noting the previous 2011 when the post of Prime Minister Putin received 2 million less.Many people wonder how much Putin earned in the four years that preceded the 2012 election.

According to the declaration of income, Vladimir Vladimirovich, during this period, he received about 17 million rubles.Thus, the average annual income in this period amounted to 4.25 million.The ex-wife of the president, Lyudmila Putin - on the Declaration - has received the 2012 120 thousand rubles.She noted that over the period of four years (until 2010) of its revenue was only 140 thousand.

Insurance on "black" day

Like any sane person, Vladimir Putin is quite prudent, therefore, does not rely only on the income from work.In addition to wages, it has income from bank deposits and dividends of 230 shares of OJSC "Bank Saint Petersburg".Do not forget about the military pensions Vladimir.There is evidence that in ten accounts in banks Putin are 5.7 million rubles.Also, for those interested in how much money earns Putin will be interested to know that he owns an apartment in St. Petersburg, covering an area of ​​77.7 square meters.Also, Vladimir has a plot of land in the Moscow region an area of ​​1,500 square meters.In addition, in the northern capital of our Motherland, Vladimir Putin has a government apartment with garage, furnished in perpetuity.

What makes Putin month, day, minute, second?

Basically these questions are given by housewives or people who do not have an important lesson to the moment.It is interesting because to know how much Putin earned and where he spends his income.This is the essence of the masses, who are not always averse to gossip and look into someone else's wallet.Due to official data, it is possible to determine how much Putin earned in a year, and even by the usual calculation can be calculated and a monthly salary.So, the year Putin receives about 1.5 million rubles, or about 128.3 thousand per month.Here, any average engineer should be indignant and demanded a fee for the same labors.But we must not forget that our capital is not such a serious sum, and as president requires an unprecedented pressure and increasing responsibility for decision-making.Each output in the light can be fatal, so the president is always different concise manner, the severity of style and design in clothing.Accessories Vladimir Vladimirovich choose with taste.In particular, we note his fondness for expensive watches, which perfectly complement any of his suit.

relativity theory into practice

Despite the fact that the inhabitants of the country can count wages president too high, the statistics says that Russian President Vladimir Putin is the most economical and unassuming representative of supreme power.But this time in the declaration are not fixed incomes Lyudmila Putina, with which Vladimir Vladimirovich previously married.Documented former spouses did not carry out the division of property.And one more small detail that, however, will also help to understand how much earns Putin: it owns a number of small fleet, matched with true patriotism and includes cars "GAZ M-21", "GAZ M-21-P""Field" and trailer "Skif".Why

incomes fall?

Presidential spokesman explained the fall in revenue and a decrease in premium service allowances, as well as a reduction of dividends from bank deposits.It should be noted that the proceeds of the press secretary in 2013 has exceeded 9 million rubles.The undisputed leader in earnings in the Kremlin became the representative of the President in Crimea Federal District, which received more than 79 million rubles per year.

Conclusions Although the president is now officially available and may be eligible bachelor, his material wealth is still very modest.Although his property according to market standards can be assessed in a round sum.Thus, land can "tighten" up to 150 thousand dollars (or even more), and rare domestic cars the president would call mad excitement, think he put them up for sale.The average unit price ranged near to two million rubles.

fans try their luck

wishes to know how much Putin earned, often dreamy state, saying, "I would have been president, and everything would have been different ...".Especially for such dreamers portal (job search) published data about the open position of the President of the Russian Federation.She has already been closed, as staff recruited.Anyone can submit your resume and hope for the best.The Happy applicant proposed a monthly rate of 281.5 thousand rubles with the annual adjustment of the State Duma.It does not provide for additional payments.Such costs are offset provided apartment, villa and the content at the expense of the state.Interestingly, many fans of the sweet life would be decided on such conditions with the current situation in the country and in the world ?!