Hamster Steppenwolf: description and photo.

Hamster Steppenwolf (ordinary) is a large samorasselyayuschiysya rodent species that has virtually nothing to do with pets.His ears are small, well-developed toes on the feet, he copes with digging holes and engaged in other things.But the most important thing is that he is able to live independently, it does not help a person simply is not needed, a hamster aggressively perceive it.Sometimes it is much safer to meet a poisonous spider or snake than this wild and vicious rodent.

Description type

can see quite a lot of features in a single glance at a rodent such as a hamster steppe.The description of his appearance the following:

  • stocky body with a thick head and short neck;
  • small ears, shiny and relatively large eyes;
  • short legs with well-developed fingers and short nails.

fur of the animal includes two elements: the base and the undercoat.Due to the last hamster can safely tolerate the winter and freezing temperatures.Color is usually pale yellow or brown.Often there are dark and black spot


characteristic feature is that the feet in hamsters and white.However, front and hind limbs on the inside black.

But this does not mean that will not meet the steppe hamster, which will have a completely different color.Sometimes you can see a completely white, or, on the contrary, all the black members of the family.

Separately must be said about size.Males reach a length of 34 cm without tail.The latter can be up to 5 cm in length.

area of ​​distribution

Steppenwolf hamster distributed in fairly large areas.He lives in the lands of Europe and to China.In particular, in Russia it can be found everywhere from Smolensk to the southern taiga.

for this hamster does not require any special living conditions, which is why he can live virtually anywhere.Most of the animals are found around the Corn and wheat fields.Some individuals dig their burrows directly on these arable lands.The rest prefer to live close to humans.They settle near the villages.Power shall make a variety of products from the garden.

Cases when hamsters visit the barns and storehouses.Like the house mice, they take stock in their burrows.But, unlike them, hamsters is much more dangerous, as opposed to the aggressive person.Therefore, you need to place traps, when suddenly it was noticed a "neighborhood".

hamster burrow

Steppenwolf hamster spends most of his life in a hole.It is caused not by the fact that he is afraid to leave the confines of their homes.Animal quite fearless.But he needs to hunt a lot of rest.

hamster hole goes deep into the ground 1-2 meters.It all depends on how easy it is to dig the soil.The basis of the house comprise:

  • Floor camera;
  • sloping yield;
  • steep entrance.

living chamber, in turn, has three "doors".The first two are intended for the animal to freely come and go home if necessary.And the third is focused on the door to the room inventory.Only in the winter and early spring hamster uses products from there, other days it is powered up fresh grains, vegetables and fruits.

How to hamster?You can do this by characteristic buildings.They are easily recognizable by a small handful of land, located directly next to the input / output openings.They are sprinkled on top of the husk from the grain.

Using a small stick, you can find out whether living rodent found in a hole.It needs to be put into, and then pull out.If it is found cobwebs, moss, grass or husks, then thrown into the home.None of the hamster will not contain your house a mess.

Power steppe

The hamster eats hamster?You can not somehow specify this point.All depends on the place where he lives.If its habitat is focused on places near grain fields, and it will eat mostly grains.Moreover, its damage to agriculture will be minimal.Moreover, quite often during his campaigns for supplies hamsters eat small insects and animals than facilitate the task of the person to get rid of them.

If the animal is settled close to the village, then the basis of his diet will make vegetables and those crops that are most popular in the area.But they can not collect as supplies for the winter, so the hamsters have to ruin the warehouses and sheds people to find grain.

Cases when hungry animals attacked chickens, especially if there are no chicken able to protect them, or at least to make noise.


Wild hamster exposed to hibernate, since no other option but to slow metabolism, postpone harsh weather conditions had not.He begins to wake up when the land razmerzaetsya.This usually occurs in February, sometimes later.

notable feature is that the hamster would not immediately open their inputs and outputs.First, for some time he will sit in a hole, eating the remains of ammunition, and only a month later, the hole will be opened.

females go outside later, closer to the time of mating.

first after hibernating animals begin to eat seeds and grains, which they find in the fields.Then they proceed to the young sprouts.However, at any time after hibernation hamsters are ready to eat meat.Independently they will not hunt, their diet is varied only on the condition that the path will fall weak or injured animal.


hamster is a very aggressive and evil rodent.If other species of its family prefer not to appear on the eyes of a man, this rush into battle as soon as possible.Moreover, these animals rush to dogs that are several times larger than their own.

If even consider what eats hamster, you can immediately recognize his evil character.For example, if a male meets a female during mating does not, he zagryzet her death.If at the time of the mating process is built several candidates, they rarely survive weaker.

impossible not to mention the love of animals to the territorial division.Males can control up to 12 hectares of land, the females - a little less.If the territory of one hamster comes another animal, then tied a fight.And the owner of the land will be as zealously defend.

Thus, nothing good meeting with steppe hamster promises.The only way to make him a good pet - bring into the house of a very small specimen, which would not know how to live her relatives.

Breeding hamsters

At the end of May, when held 4-5 weeks after mating, the female goes to its nest.There's light may appear 6-18 pups.At first, the kids are hairless and blind, but each of them already have teeth.Children grow quickly, literally on the 3rd day of the first bloom appears.A week later, they open their eyes and slowly crawling on the nest, getting used to the familiarization of the world.

Steppenwolf hamster showing their loyalty only during mating and rearing.The males watch over several territories of females.This is done so that in case of defeat in the fight with the enemy was an opportunity to continue the race with another female.Mother lovingly refer to kids.And they will even others for feeding calves, irrespective of their age.But kids can take a negative to the new neighbors.If the child is smaller than the decoy, then it is likely to crush.

Catching steppe hamsters

Steppe hamsters naturally multiply quickly.They are not an endangered species, although many preserves their life is strictly protected.For this reason, some regions of Russia are engaged in "hamster" fishing.

trapping is carried out in spring and autumn.This is done as long as the molt occurs.Moreover, if during the fights that often occurs among hamsters was damaged skin, the animal is released into the wild.

animals may be caught in special traps.They are placed near the burrow, dropwise with a little.Such devices may slightly damage the limbs, but not skin.After installing a trap in a hole filled with water.The animal can be saved only on the condition that during this time it has gone for supplies.

pelts used in the garment industry.Some hunters eat the meat, which is said to resemble a squirrel.It is considered to be very tasty, and most importantly - nutritious.

Interesting facts about hamsters steppe

no more unique animal than steppe hamster.Interesting facts from the life of this rodent common.For example, biologists are very surprised by their great love and ability to swim.During the animal inflates the bags, which are arranged in the cheeks (to the same places it supplies), and freely afloat.

Talking about what feeds the hamster, you can not lose sight of his poaching act.It was seen cases where these animals attacked the rabbits in the Red Book, gnaw their necks and quietly enjoyed the meat.

Due to the fact that hamsters are very aggressive, they have a lot of enemies.And it is good to man.The fact is that if you do not deal with the extermination, which an excellent job birds of prey, the population size is too large.But in some states a person has to work on their own in order to clear the area.

In conclusion, I must say that there are many features that have a hamster.Steppe and forest-steppe area had a fantastic unique resident, despite his aggressiveness and nastiness.