Exercises abdominal muscles and obliques

female ideal of beauty - a slim figure, taut belly, thin waist.To maintain such parameters is possible not every, as after childbirth or with a set of extra kilos stomach starts to grow into body fat.Remove it difficult, requiring perseverance.Perform the following exercises will disappear extra inches at the waist and your abs will become more pumped.

Weak press contributes to problems in the abdomen.Therefore, it is necessary to keep these muscles to figure you pleased.Also do not forget about the lateral muscles, in this case with the help of training you build up a nice waist.

If you have started to use these exercises as a means of weight loss, change and diet.No need to eat flour and sweet kilograms.No training will not give the desired effect, if you do not observe a balanced diet.

So, consider what drill press to help you tighten the tummy.Start with a warm-up exercise.To do this, follow for 3-5 minutes jumping rope, running in place, and other intense movement.Most importantly, make you f

eel as energetic and become more mobile.

Lie on your back, fingers locked in the "lock" for the head, legs slightly bend at the knees.On the inhale follow the rise of housing up, exhale lower yourself to the floor completely.Exercise repeat 18 times.Then, to complicate it by adding the intermediate short breath while lifting.Abs at the same time be even more tense.Thus, the same starting position.Make a small exhale, lift your back off the floor.Then, immediately exhale a little more, lift higher.And make the third breath, performing the maximum lift.On the inhale sank to the floor.Repeat the exercise 18 times.

system of exercises for the press should include the load on the lower abdomen.Lying on his back, put his hands under the pelvis.As you exhale, lift your feet off the floor, lift them perpendicular to the body.On the inhale slowly lower them without touching the surface.Perform at least 18 climbs.

Without changing the position, proceed to the next exercise.The legs bend at the knees, tighten to itself.On the inhale and straighten their position above the floor at a height of not more than 5 cm. With an exhalation, bend your knees again and send them to his chest.Repeat the exercise 18 times.

turn to the working of the oblique abdominal muscles.Heels put as close as possible to the hips, legs are brought together.On the inhale Twist at the waist, put his feet on the right thigh.On the exhale, lift your feet off the floor, again twisting in the opposite direction.Perform at least 20 exercises in each direction.

abdominal bleed the good news, if you'll be working at the same time and the upper and lower abdominal muscles.Starting position remains the same.With exhale at the same time stretch your knees together and the body.On the inhale descend back to the floor and straighten your legs off the floor.Similarly, to lay down an additional 20 times.

feet take away from the hips, but leave the legs slightly bent, pull your hands in front of him.Exhale completely lift the body and bend your hips.On the exhale, drop down on his back.Make another 17 climbs.You can complicate this exercise, if you pick up a dumbbell.In this case, please create hands behind his head, and on the exhale already place them at chest level and continue to rise housing.On the exhale, lower back, and his hands behind his head again rewound.

Legs keep knees bent, lie on your right thigh, his hands holding his head.On the exhale, lift the body off the floor, inspiratory fall on his back.Repeat the exercise 18 times.Then twist at the waist to the other side.Perform another 18 climbs up the body.

makes this set of exercises a day and you will notice how the abdominal muscles become more fit and have formed a beautiful waistline.