Proper return of good quality

Sometimes in our lives occur a situation where some time later purchased the thing becomes unnecessary and want to return it back to the seller.To learn how to make the exchange and return of goods of good quality know not all.In such cases, recourse to Article 25 of the RF Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.

Reasons to carry out the return and exchange of goods of good quality

Assume that you have purchased non-food items, such as a wardrobe of high quality, but for some reason it does not suit you.In our case, a wardrobe can be wider niche provided for the installation a few centimeters - is you get the house, gathering all the details of his cabinet and trying to "cram."That is, it does not fit your size, dimensions and shape.In this case, you have all the right to refund the goods of good quality.Give this product to the original appearance.In the case of a wardrobe - dismantle it, add the items in the box and verify their integrity.You also need to take cash (marketable) receipt.In the

absence of (loss) check returned goods of good quality a bit complicated, it can be used instead of the testimony of people who were present when buying goods (friends, acquaintances, relatives).

It should be remembered that the return of goods of good quality is possible only for two weeks from the date of purchase (14 days), the very day of the acquisition is not included in this period.That is, buying goods 05.18.2013 (date of purchase), you can exchange it for any day (up to 01/06/13).Weekends store employees will not be taken into account.So if there was a way that you have come to 3.6.13 and items you have not, citing the weekend, to prove the correctness of the compliance period a refund or exchange purchased items have a court, which, undoubtedly, will take your arguments into account.But despite this, it is recommended to come to the store for a few days sooner than waiting for the court decision after several months.

Who to contact the store if will return the proper quality or exchange?

To start approach and look at other similar goods.Then go to the seller and kindly ask him to replace the product, explaining the situation.When prompted another closet, specify its dimensions, and if you are satisfied, write in duplicate application for the exchange of goods (to the Director of the outlet).The statement must specify that any items you brought back, and some are asking you to give in return, be sure to sign and specify the date of signing the document.Store employee must indicate their data in full (name and position), indicate that the goods received from you, write it down and put the painting characteristics.If the selected product is more expensive than the previous one, try to negotiate a pay the difference to the seller.

If returned to the store, you do not find those products which could exchange the item (for example, the required dimensions of cabinets sold) must be by hand to transfer the goods to the seller.Then we would write a statement which will indicate your request for the return of funds paid for the goods not later than three days (from the date of return).

If the seller refuses to change the product or take it back, you can contact the administrator of the store.If there you were refused, send mail to a store statement in writing, where asked to specify the date and time when you should go to the store for a refund or exchange of goods.If the response from the store you have not received immediately contact a lawsuit against the store or businessman to court.

before contacting the store is worth considering that there is a list not be exchanged or returned goods.These goods according to the norms of the Decree of January 19, 1988 №55 of the Government of the Russian Federation include: jewelry, household products, books, cosmetic and perfume products, and others.