Protective and purifying prayers.

Today everyone understands that our world is filled with all kinds of energies.Unfortunately, a lot of dark forces operating in it.They are surrounded by very real human invaders, settling in his aura, and the space in which he lives.This invisible aggression leads to trouble, errors, losses.Escaping from her prayers help cleaning.They are a kind of energy broom can relieve you from the negative, to create a clean and bright space.What are they, how to use them?Let's deal.

What cleansing prayer?

To begin with, what, in fact, going to get rid of.The name "cleansing prayer" implies that there is something unnecessary, superfluous, disturbing.It is not in the material sphere, but somewhere in a different space.This "stuff" is called differently.For some, it is the damage or the evil eye, for the other - negative energy, others say about the impact of the devil.In principle, the terminology is not important.Let's think in terms of energy.We assume that we are raging around the field and egregors who seek

to drag us into the field of influence.Dark energy, which we succumb, will spoil our lives.They are like the tentacles of an octopus penetrate into the brain, take possession of the senses, changing world.The result of their work: erratic behavior, bad decisions, troubles and misfortunes.That these energies that are trying to capture the soul, and to be rid of, and they sent a "weapon" as cleansing prayer.

How to determine whether you need help?

really like to find out?Be aware of how and against what are protective prayers, the cleaning is not enough.It must also recognize the moment when it is time to use them.We do not scan the circumstances of life every minute.Everything that happens, we perceive naturally found in the mind of a rational explanation.Can anyone understand that the person is no longer decides how to live, and under the influence of dark energy?It turns out it is not very difficult.Should proceed from the postulate saying that every man is born for happiness.That is his main purpose of existence.All that is in the direction opposite of joy is considered abnormal.In life troubles began to occur?The general background of perception become dark or gray?It is safe to start cleaning.Praying to God to contribute to the surrounding reality become lighter.To make it sparkle with new bright colors and emotions.That is clear from the negative prayer should first of all your feelings, thoughts, and then the surrounding area.A light shower is known to repel the darkness, and vice versa.

Where prayers?

important point on which many focus their attention, is it required to go to church.The fact that there are people negatively related to houses of worship (any religion).Yes, and those who simply can not make time to visit the temple, it is enough.What now, do not turn to prayer?Conversely.Prayer can be lifted up to God anywhere.After all, He is everywhere, not just in church.Just in the temple the atmosphere helps to concentrate on a conversation with God.There the walls and the faces of the saints helping to break away from the bustle of everyday life, the hassle, and other negative thoughts.Although prayers can be in any other place.A man accustomed to trust in the Lord all his experience, is never alone, always feels a comprehensive support.It helps fight against external "dark threats."

How to read a prayer?

second question is whether necessarily adhere to ancient texts?Is it necessary to teach Slavonic word?It is not an easy task.Here opinions differ.Some believe that the only help texts from the original sources, others rely on modern formulations.If you examine all authoritative arguments, you can make one conclusion.All commentators agree on one thing: what a person believes, that helps.If there is a shred of doubt in the text, its reading will not help cleanse the soul.You will try to get rid of the dark energies, and they are hooked for your unbelief, and will destroy life on.The conclusion is simple: act as prompts heart.And it is, to be sure, will not remain silent.

Select the text of the prayer

deal with issues recommended vocabulary once and for all.Take a completely different texts, many of which now offer.For example, there is a prayer for all occasions.Select more protective of them.Check out a few times, then through another time, and so on.Your soul will respond with joy and ease.The feeling is very special, with nothing to confuse.Here on this criterion and choose yourself a few "your" texts.They will be the best "brooms", "shield" and "spears" of the soul.To contact him whenever start moping, offended by the whole world, blaming others or yourself, and so on.Prayer is needed when you are slipping away from happiness.

Prayer cleanses the soul

talked about the theory, now is the time to do the practice.Let's start with the first level - the soul.It is important because it is here "grow legs" problems.If the soul of the "temple", the prosperity and splendor around.Therefore, it is recommended to deal with constantly clean without exception.It is not necessary to convince oneself that we are guilty a priori.But around full of temptations.Of course, a normal person can not "catch" them.Here are these random energy "infection" and need to be cleaned regularly.Orthodox recommended learning such texts as "Our Father", "I believe", "Prayer of the Holy Cross."They are stubby.Over time, you will have a reflex to say for yourself these words, whenever the head bad thoughts climb.In fact, there is a defensive reaction - persistent connection with your guardian angel.And at first, try to read prayers every day.In the morning, for example, the "Our Father", in the evening - "I believe."Or vice versa.Feels will understand.By the way, the text of any of these acts as a protective prayer.Word creates an aura around the person purity that repels negativity.

little more about the protection of

There are situations when an urgent need to outside help, and it is not.For example, you walk down a dark street and afraid.Or you have to start in the "fight" the enemies (in service or in private life).Recommended necessarily turn to the Lord for help.Protective prayer in this case is a kind of guarantee that you will not chickened out at the most intense moment.It contributes to the uncommon sense of confidence, security, power.As is customary now to say, "God is with us."Here is a small text such prayer: "O Lord!My heavenly Father!Therefore, I pray and worship you!I entrust to the Lord his soul and body!Bless me and have mercy.Therefore, I pray to get rid of you me, his servant, from the devil and the evils of the world, diseases of mind and body.Let no sin to live this day, for Your glory and for the salvation of my immortal soul by Thy grace.Amen! ┬╗

To cleanse the house

Often people need to clean those areas in which they live.Scandals, misery, death, left a mark on the spot where it all happened.There is a practice to involve priests to consecrate the room.If this for some reason is not possible, to help independent prayer.Clean the apartment is not very difficult.I do not necessarily know exactly what happened in the room.Sufficient reason for a feeling of painful discomfort.Houses full comfort should prevail.When not pulling quickly go back there, melancholy overcomes the apartment, it should be slightly "renew".That prayer, to cleanse the house: "Lord Jesus Christ!The Son of God, called to judge the living and dead!Pray, have mercy on everyone who lives in this house, we just Fall life.Lead roads righteous by His grace ukroy Antichrist.Ukroy in the intimate space of Your salvation!Amen! "The text of this consider prayer Nectarios Optina.It is used for cleaning the premises of the dark forces.About


to banish the dark forces of the premises (not just residential), you need to buy a few church candles.The text of the prayer, it is desirable to learn.Before starting the process read the "Our Father."Then, with a lit candle bypass all the rooms clockwise.All the time a prayer.If the candle smokes, so there is something "dark" in the house.After bypassing the remnants of candle wax, and you must carry it out.Do not leave them in the room.They accumulated negative energy.It is advisable to completely burn the candle.Repeat this ritual requires several times (state of health).There is a ceremony with the icon "Trinity".It is conducted on Thursdays until sunset.

Purification and Ward home with "Trinity┬╗

This icon is necessary to have a home.It is opposite the entrance.So, to all the visitors it was the first to see how will the house (apartment).It is believed that the icon does not give the evil forces to pass through the door.People are not good or your house will get round, or change little by little under the influence of an amazing force.It is important that it is in the church was consecrated.On Thursday, it is taken in hand and a lit candle.Bypassing these attributes premises as described above.Continuously read the "Our Father."You start from the front door.Every corner, a door or window overshadow cross (hand with a candle).Like back to the threshold of the gate, then open the door.Hold the icon in front of him, read the prayer three times "Trinity."Now you can pay off the candle.Home should not enter it.Throw away so that no one picked up or burn.With it will go negative.

Child Protection

Parents should not only take care of themselves, but also the surrounding invisible shield kids.While they do not learn how to talk with higher powers, they need a more thorough and complete care.Their pure souls are exposed to a variety of attacks by dark energy.This leads to diseases and other problems.Parents tedious precaution to protect children.Above the crib babies taken to read "Holy Cross."In the back of the child when he goes for a walk or to school, the mother should say one of the prayers that she uses for itself.For example already given prayer Nectarios Optina or "Our Father."And it is desirable to teach the baby to contact Angel.Let his prayer will be the first "Our Father."Instilling in him an interest in such an occupation, the habit of relying on the Lord.It will defend his life!


People now are not particularly eager to trust the information that is considered unproven.This fully applies to the efficacy of prayer for purification.You can bring only one argument: try it for yourself, do not lean on the experience of others.Perhaps the best way to learn to trust - check.As the prayer will work in your particular circumstances, how to change your life?No experience is hardly possible to find out.And the first thing that will happen, because it will change your own mood.Prayer calms, removes unnecessary thoughts.Then, under the influence of a strong position, will change life circumstances.The man himself does not notice how getting better health, personal life, rushes to career success.All changes slowly, come the first glimpses of happiness, which is the norm!